San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Why You Should Boycott This Newspaper
by Rich Deem


The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has been a valuable source of information for us folks who live in the San Gabriel Valley. However, because of their current ad practices (which include featuring nude establishments), I am recommending a complete boycott of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune until they change their ad policies.

Nude establishments ads

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is currently hosting ads for sexist establishments that feature totally or partially nude "girls." This kind of advertising is completely unacceptable in a newspaper that caters to families. An example from a recent series of nudie ads appears below (names, addresses and other identifying information has been blocked - in red).

San Gabriel Valley Tribune nude showgirls ad

If the San Gabriel Valley Tribune newspaper no longer wishes to cater to families in the San Gabriel Valley, I propose that we abandon them. Maybe they would prefer to cater to solely to the perverts who frequent these nudie establishments.

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Main Number...........................(626) 962-8811
Randy Heltsley, Retail Advertising Director
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Last Modified April 18, 2007


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