Bogus and Refuted 'Christian' Apologetics

This site is dedicated to providing logical and reliable reasons for believing the claims of Christianity. However, there are many times that Christians have asked me about the "other proofs" that Christianity is true. As a general rule, proofs that appeal to some form of numerology or mathematical proof that the Bible is true are generally false or misleading. This is a page of links to other Christian sites that have done a good job disproving the validity of these kinds of "apologetics."

Bible Codes:

The Code Breaker from the Y Files


Theomatics by Tim Hayes

"Sacred Geometry":

There are some "Christian" sites that deal with "sacred geometry." If you look on the web, you will find a number of other sites that deal with these issues. Most are not Christian, but Gnostic. Gnosticism has been refuted by the Christian Church since the beginning. The Bible was written to be read for meaning of its content, not some hidden meaning available only to those who have special insight.

Sacred Geometry by Tim Hayes

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