Spamming for God? Why are These 'Christian' Ministries Sending Spam E-mails?

As part of the "personal" pages on this site, I have a list of family members, including our dog, Shadow. As a joke, there is an e-mail link on the page where you can e-mail Shadow. Spam-bots (spam-collecting robots) can't tell that Shadow is a dog, and so they collect this e-mail address as being legitimate.

Unfortunately, several Christian ministries have purchased a "Christian e-mail list" that includes Shadow's e-mail address, along with several other now defunct e-mail addresses (e.g., ). I can always tell when they have bought the list, because I get several e-mails all at once (including Shadow's). I have tried to contact the following ministries that sent these e-mails, but they have refused to answer. Hence, this list. If you are part of one of these ministries, shame on you! I still want to hear from you, but until then, enjoy your negative publicity. If you have an extra minute, you might want to e-mail them using the form below. If you get an answer, let me know. Note: Name and E-mail address are not required to send the message. Go for it!

"Christian" Spammers:

Last Modified July 6, 2006


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