Book Review: Creation As Science: A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/evolution Wars
by Rich Deem

Creation As Science: A Testable Model 
	Approach to End the Creation/evolution WarsReasons To Believe's third in a series of books proposing a testable creation model takes on the origin and design of the universe. Previous books, Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off and Who Was Adam?: A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Man, examined the origin of life on earth and the origin of mankind, respectively. Creation As Science develops a biblical creation model and compares the predictions of this model compared to a naturalistic model, young earth creationism, and theistic evolution. This biblical creation model is divided into four main areas, the origin of the universe, the origin of the Solar System, the history of life on earth, and the origin and history of mankind.

Cosmological implications of the biblical model include extra dimensions, cosmic expansion, size of the universe, the anthropic principle, constancy of the laws of the universe, and humanity's specific viewing platform. The characteristics of the earth are compared to those of known extrasolar planets, showing that the earth is rare, if not unique among the planets.

Other chapters examine life's origin in terms of the naturalistic processes that would be required. The naturalistic model is shown to be lacking in that life appears early and is complex. Exactly the right species are introduced at the right time to transform the earth into a planet suitable for advanced life forms. The origin of humanity is examined in detail to complete the biblical model of creation.

Naturalists primary complaint about intelligent design is that it offers no model and makes no predictions. The strength of Creation As Science lies in its challenge to naturalistic models of origins through specific predictive claims. Chapter 11 examines specific predictions of the four models examined. Along with Appendix F, 22 cosmological and planetary sciences predictions are given for each model. Fifty-two predictive tests are listed for the origin and history of life on earth. In addition, 15 specific theological and philosophical predictions are made for each model. The success or failure of these predictions will determine the value of this approach in future years.

Creation As Science: A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/evolution Wars
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