Biblical Creationary Model for the Universe and Life on Earth
by Rich Deem


A common complaint of atheists is that creationists attack standard models of evolution, but provide no viable alternate model. The purpose of this page is to provide just that - a creationary, scientific model for the universe and life within it. The writings of the Bible provide enough information to form a thorough and complete creationary model for the reality of the universe and human existence. This model has predictive value and can be tested against the known physical characteristics of the universe and life on Earth.


The creationary model is being presented because the standard, naturalistic models have failed in several areas of scientific research. For example, there is no testable naturalistic model for the cause of the universe. In fact, the laws of physics demand that there is no way that we can interact with anything outside of our universe. Other areas that defy naturalistic explanation include the origin of life, the Cambrian explosion, and the origin of human consciousness. Progress is possible in these three areas, but it is unlikely that any naturalistic theory will fully explain key steps required for each process to proceed. It is my contention that none of these processes have a naturalistic origin, and, in fact, are logically impossible, given the laws of physics that operate in our universe. I believe that science will be able to completely rule out all naturalistic origin of life models at some time in the future.

Biblical Model of Origins

The Bible describes the creation of the universe, the earth, and life on it. The Bible also describes the laws that govern the universe and its ultimate fate.

The Order of Creation According to the Bible

  1. Creation of the entire physical universe (matter,1 energy,2 space3 and time4) from the invisible (16 x 109 years ago).5 This creation event includes an expanding universe,6 which continues to expand at this time.6
  2. Preparation of planet earth for the creation of life. The Bible describes the Earth's initial conditions following its creation when the Sun is already shining. The Bible also says that the Earth is controlled by the heavens and not the other way around (geocentrism is refuted).7 The original Earth is described as being without any oceans or water at all (4.5 x 109 years ago).8 Science tells us that the Earth's water probably came from cometary collisions that were common during the early history of the Solar System.9 The main biblical creation account (Genesis 1) begins after the formation of the Earth's oceans with a description of the Earth as a water-covered planet covered by dense clouds (4.0 x 109 years ago).10
  3. The dense atmosphere is partially cleared so that light can strike the surface of the earth. (3.9 x 109 years ago).
  4. Formation of a stable water cycle (3.9 x 109 years ago).11
  5. Formation of continents, including an accurate description of the tectonic activity that produced the continents (2.7 x 109 years ago)12
  6. Creation of plants on the land and their subsequent "production by the land," possibly including some naturalistic processes (0.9 x 109 years ago).13
  7. Transformation of the atmosphere from translucent transparent as the Sun, Moon, and stars show through the atmosphere. (0.9-0.6 x 109 years ago)
  8. Creation of swarms of small sea animals and their subsequent "great increase" or "teeming by the water" (consistent with the Cambrian explosion) possibly involving some naturalistic processes. (0.5-0.3 x 109 years ago)14
  9. Creation of birds (140-60 x 106 years ago)15
  10. Creation of  sea mammals (60-50 x 106 years ago)16
  11. Creation of land mammals that interact with humans (30-15 x 106 years ago)17
    1. creeping land mammals (e.g., rodents)
    2. large quadruped land mammals (e.g., cattle)
    3. wild land mammals (e.g., carnivores)
  12. Creation of modern humans (100-50 x 103 years ago)18

The Bible is unique among ancient creation accounts in that its description of the order of creation is 100% accurate.

A more detailed description of the biblical creation account may be found at Day-Age Genesis One Interpretation.

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