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Mapping the Origins Debate Although young earth creationism is the primary creation theology in the U.S., it suffers from numerous scriptural and scientific problems, including appearance of age, flood geology, and no animal death and no plant death before the fall. Young earth theology says that God would never allow millions of years of death and suffering, yet presents a worldview of God that presents Him as the bungling Creator whose original plan is thwarted by Satan's rebellion and Adam's sin. Many young earth ministries attempt to deceive adherents into believing that biblical Hebrew precludes the possibility of creation days being longer than 24 hours. So, get out your Bibles and let's look at what the Bible really says about creation...


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Peril in Paradise: Theology, Science, and the Age of the Earth Peril in Paradise: Theology, Science, and the Age of the Earth by Mark S. Whorton, Ph.D. goes beyond the superficial doctrines espoused by the young earth "perfect paradise" paradigm to examine underlying assumptions and extra-biblical teachings of the movement. Peril in Paradise examines verses cited as support for the perfect paradise paradigm in context to determine their actual meaning. In addition, the book compares the perfect paradise paradigm to the perfect purpose paradigm proposed by old earth creationists. Since the book sticks to the scriptures almost exclusively, it cannot be claimed that old earth creationists ignore the scriptures in preference to "fallible science." More...

A Matter of DaysA Matter of Days: Resolving a Creation Controversy by Hugh Ross examines the biblical creation controversy through an in-depth study of history, theology, and science through a testable creation model that proposes a mechanism to settle this raging dispute.

A New Look at an Old EarthA New Look at an Old Earth by Don Stoner

Don Stoner looks at the age of the earth from a scientific and biblical perspective. He presents much more evidence that is not presented in A Matter of Days: Resolving a Creation Controversy.

The older version of A New Look at an Old Earth is available online

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