Adam and Eve from the Bible


Adam and Eve were the first truly human creations of God, designed by God to have a relationship with Him in a special garden He created in Eden. The garden of Eden was probably in the Persian Gulf region of the Middle East. Although Adam was created as a mortal being, he could have become immortal by eating from the tree of life. Instead, while Adam was away, Eve was enticed by the serpent (Satan in disguise) and convinced to eat the forbidden fruit, disobeying God. This original sin led to our sin nature being passed down from one generation to the next, although we are still condemned by our own sin. Although young earth creationists claim that original sin ushered in a host of radical changes to the creation, the Bible is clear that "natural evil" is simply part of God's good creation—required for the existence of spiritual life on earth. You can discover more about Adam and Eve in the articles below.


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