If You Throw a Frog into Boiling Water He Will Jump Out?
by Rich Deem

There is a modern parable going around Christian ministries today that goes something like this. If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out, but if you increase the heat of the water slowly, he will get accustomed to the increasing heat and eventually get cooked. The parable is supposed to illustrate what is happening in today's society. As more and more evil is introduced into society, the lesser evils become acceptable and eventually all of modern society will become morally bankrupt.

While I agree that society is becoming more and more corrupt and accepting of evil, the parable is incorrect. As soon as a frog hits boiling water, he is going to become frog leg soup - he won't be doing any jumping! In contrast, no frog is going to stay in hot water as the temperature goes up - he will jump out as soon as the temperature becomes uncomfortable.

So, the parable is completely backwards. Please don't use this parable on your non-Christian friends or in your Christian ministry.

Last Modified June 17, 2008


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