Christian Theology and Doctrine

Basic Christian Concepts

TrinityThe Godhead (Triunity or Trinity)

Becoming right with God

The Love of God

Heaven and Hell - real places?

Adam and Eve

End of Days Prophecies, Rapture, and Christian Tribulation

Four Views on Divine ProvidenceCalvinism vs. Arminianism

The Indestructible Book DVD Set

Discovery Bible Study Course (basic Christian theology)
Lesson # l: "What is the Bible?"
Lesson # 2: "How to Know the Bible"
Lesson # 3: "Who is Jesus Christ?"
Lesson # 4: "The Work of Christ"
Lesson # 5: "The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit"
Lesson # 6: "The Attributes of God"
Lesson # 7: "Answered Prayer"
Lesson # 8: "Confession and Forgiveness"
Lesson # 9: "The Christian Walk" (Part 1: Principles of Position)
Lesson #10: "The Christian Walk" (Part 2: The Christian Walk Described)
Lesson #11: "The Church and Ministry"

Resources for Bible Study


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