New Year's Resolutions: Why You Can't Keep Them
by Rich Deem


Why is it that we make New Year's resolutions, but fail to keep them within the first month of the new year? Some will say that you lack the willpower. Others have given up making New Year's resolutions altogether.

What the Bible says

The fact is that all people lack the willpower to keep all but the easiest of resolutions. The Bible makes the claim that the reason why we are unable to do what is good because we are, by nature, sinners.1 In fact, the Bible claims that we are born sinners.2 Of course, these ideas are not politically correct. Political correctness would claim that we are born innocent or even virtuous and are corrupted by society, parents or other adults.

What the evolutionary biology says

However, such claims do not hold up to scientific scrutiny. In The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human NatureThe Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, Steven Pinker, professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, provides that our facility with language, our ability to understand each other's actions as manifestations of mind, our number sense, our moral sense, our tool-making propensities are all pre-programmed. Being an evolutionary psychologist, Pinker claims that immoral behaviors, such as violence, clannishness, nepotism, lying and cheating have an evolutionary basis. Pinker goes on to show that the "noble savage" idea (that we are born virtuous and that it is only society that warps and corrupts us) is a myth.

The solution

Although Pinker gets the data right, he fails to provide the direct genetic evidence that these mental functions are encoded by genes (although it is likely that at least some mental functions are genetically programmed). Ultimately, the Bible's claim that humans are "born sinners" seems to be supported by this research, even if the cause (evolutionary genetics vs. the biblical sin nature) remains unresolved.

Given this depressing news, what are we to do? Pinker suggests that we fight against our genes and rise above them. You (and I) have already tried that approach and failed at it. The Bible has another suggestion. It is not through human willpower, but by abiding in "the light"3 - Jesus Christ4 - the source of all power5 - that we have the ability to do good.6 If you are trying to do things through your own will power, you will find that there is no "power" in your own will. Only by abiding in Christ can we fulfill the will of God in our own lives.

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Only one New Year's resolution is required in life - following Jesus Christ. If you follow Him, all other resolutions can be accomplished by the power of His Spirit.7 May the Lord bless your year!

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    For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)
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