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This site annually hosts essay contests in November/December entitled "Why I am personally grateful to God." The essay was to be written including reasons why the author was grateful to God and how He has helped him in his life. Entries were selected on the basis of how they gave glory to God.

2001 Essay
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2000 Essay
There is one real reason I am grateful to God. It is that I am able to sit here today and type this. My answer is very simple here. The basic fact that I am able to convey my emotions, and that I have emotions which I can share is a miracle in itself. Before, when I was doubting God and Christianity, I had no direction, no reason. Now I do. I know that everything that happens to me, good or bad, has meaning. Through my mistakes and talents, pain and happiness, I have learned more about myself and the world than I ever would have without God. Without God, nothing kept me from being unfaithful, nothing moved me. Without God, I became very apathetic and undriven. Now, I am criticized for my beliefs. I attend school in the engineering department of a university and few of the students are religious. Often I have a hard time justifying myself to these people. This has only makes me stronger, because I am logical myself yet I still have strong faith and emotion when it comes to my religion. To turn around an individual like myself, God deserves praise. God deserves praise for allowing me the ability to convey my beliefs through science. God gave us the ability to find the truth, to answer questions. God gave us wonderful emotions all for free. My understanding of God has not only made me more faithful but a better person in general. But this understanding is only possible by God! Without God, nothing is possible, but with God, so much is possible, and I have witnessed this first hand by accepting Christ simply by my own investigation and questioning, not by force from parents, etc.


1999 Essay
I am personally grateful to God, because I was uncertain in the path that I had chosen in life. Just under a year ago, I tried to commit suicide; However, I was unsuccessful, even though I had very high and dangerous levels of poison in my body. I took this as a sign from God to change my ways and better myself. A second chance if you will. I'm am very grateful for this "second chance" that he has given me. I have used it in a productive way, I went on to graduate high school with my class, and I am now attending college and maintaining a 3.33 GPA as a true freshman with 17 credits, while being an active member of the track and field team. I have become an active member of a local Christian church that is here near my college campus. I am serving God in any way that I can through my newly found church, and I feel that he has shown me my true friends, and how I would have hurt them if I would have accomplished my horrendous act. Every morning I wake up grateful that I am alive and well, thanks to God and the second chance that he has given to me.


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