Internet Filtering Software - Net Nanny
by Rich Deem


Being a Christian, I have always been concerned about the Internet in our home. We have three sons who are involved in Internet searches for their school projects and enjoy Internet games in their spare time. So, since they first began to use the computer, we have used content filtering software to block inappropriate content from entering our home. Some of these programs were free, but these are now unavailable. So, last year, I went shopping for a good Internet content filtering program. The best I have found (and the one I now use) is Net Nanny.


The features I really like include settings for each person. Both my wife and I are "administrators", although she doesn't administer any of the accounts. However, only an administrator can override a blocked site under standard settings. Although we don't have sites blocked very often by the software, certain issues (e.g., same sex marriage) do get blocked, and only the administrator can override a blocked site. In addition to content filtering for pornography and adult content, settings can block gambling, drugs, illegal activity, chat, email, instant messaging, newsgroups, peer-to-peer, etc. Once you setup a user, you can duplicate the settings to create a new user. Each user can get his own username and password. Besides blocking objectionable content, Content Protect keeps tract of time online and sites visited for each user. In fact, Internet access can be restricted to certain hours or disabled altogether. Specific sites can be blocked or allowed on an individual basis.

When the price of DSL went below $15/month, I got rid of my dialup and installed a wireless network for our two home computers. The great thing about Net Nanny was that installing it on the second computer was a snap. Just enter the registration number, administrator username and password, and the settings are automatically configured the same as the first computer. The program does much more than explained here. For more information, download the documentation.

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There are many Internet filtering software programs available. After using and testing many of these, I have chosen Net Nanny from Content Watch. In addition to its numerous features, it is reasonably priced. Click below to get more information or to order.

Net Nanny - The Internet's Best Content Filter