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June 24, 2000
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As in any other job, you must first collect the tools you will need to do the task. Designing web pages requires specialized editors. After editing, the pages must be uploaded (transferred from your hard disk) to your web host, usually using an FTP client, so that others can view your website. Clipart and graphics are important to add interest to your site and break up the words. Other tools, such as discussion boards and polls make your site "interactive" and keep your visitors returning. When your site gets really large, a search engine helps your visitors find information that is relevant to them. It also gives you an idea of what your visitors would like to see on your site (from search terms that were not found on your site). Counters help you determine if visitors are finding your pages and what pages are most popular. By adding pages that match your visitors' interest, you can increase the popularity of your site.

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