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RTB Creation Conference
June 24, 2000
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So now you have designed your pages so that they are search engine friendly, it is time to submit your site to the search engines. There are quite a few services that will submit your site to the major search engines for free. For a modest fee, they will submit your site to hundreds of search engines and directories. DON'T USE THEM! Each search engine has it's own requirements, and a standard submission may not do justice to your site. Take the time to contact each major search engine listed above and look for the "submit URL" or similar link. Fill in all the information requested. In the case of Yahoo and other directories, you have to find the specific directory to which your page belongs and then click the "submit URL" link. Be prepared to have all the information ready prior to submission. You should have the title of your site, a short description (usually 25 words or less) and contact information.
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