The Great Dentist

A dentist came home to his wife excited about the day's events. He had met a fellow dentist who had served in the mission field using his dental skills.

He began, "Marge, I think the Lord wants me to work with the poor in Central America. They are in great need of dental care."

"Dear husband, it isn't civilized down there. I've heard that they have cockroaches the size of bats. And no running water."

"Marge, the Lord will provide for our needs and we will be able help people who really need us. Bedsides, I am sure the Lord is calling me to do this."

"How do you know the Lord is calling you to do this?"

"Well, I just feel it, and it's in the Bible."

"In the Bible? What verse?"

"Let me get it for you. It's from Psalms 81:

'I, the LORD, am your God, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. (Psalm 81:10, NASB)'"


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