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We link to sites containing Christian content links to numerous websites from both recommended links and specific topical pages. The recommended links pages link to websites that contain significant content (not just lists of links to other sites). Virtually all of these sites are run by Christians and support the Christian worldview. WE DO NOT LINK TO SPIRITUALITY SITES THAT ENDORSE NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS. This includes sites that contain both Christian and non-Christian content. We do not link to commercial websites (even Christian sites) whose main purpose is to sell religious paraphanalia.

We link to specific pages related to content

We also link to pages that contain topics related to specific pages on the website. These pages may be hosted on secular or religious sites that are not necessarily Christian in content. Reader discretion is advised. Our goal is to present information from various viewpoints to help the visitor make spiritual decisions.

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If you have a webpage or website that you believe qualifies to be linked from, please email the Webmaster. A link to is not required, but if you want to link to us, please check our linking page for suggestions.

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