From the Beginning to Man:
How God Declares His Love to Us

By Rich Deem

Evidence for God from Science
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God's love toward humans can be seen from the beginning of creation. In fact, scientists have noted that the universe seems to be designed specifically for the purpose of housing human life. This concept has been called the anthropic principle, which permeates the sciences of cosmology, physics, geology, chemistry, and biology.

This slideshow was presented to internationals at Sierra Madre Congregational Church to show how God declares His love toward humans, from the beginning of creation until the present time, and the future. Graphics have been optimized and the text on each slide is html text, which loads faster than graphic text. In order to be seen properly on your computer, you should have the fonts Arial/Helvetica, Times New Roman/Times, and Wingdings installed on your system. Other formats are available for download:

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