God Proclaims His Love: Design of the Laws of the Universe


Degree of Fine Tuning of the Physical Laws
Ratio of Electrons:Protons 1:1037
Ratio of Electromagnetism:Gravity 1:1040
Expansion Rate of the Universe 1:1055
Mass of the Universe 1:1059
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The laws of physics are extremely fine tuned to permit the existence of matter, much less, the existence of biological life forms. For some of these physical laws, a change of as little as 1 part in 1037 (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) would prevent the universe from ever containing any kind of life. Critics of this kind of information point out that changing the laws of physics do not have huge effects on the nature of the universe as it now exists. However, these physical laws had to have been in effect at the moment of the creation of the universe. Even minor changes to the laws of physics within the first second after the creation event would have resulted in huge changes in the kind of universe at this time. For example increasing the mass of the universe by 1 part in 1059 would cause the "Big Crunch" (the collapse and destruction of the universe) to have already happened!1 For more information on the design of the universe, follow this link. Cosmologist Ed Harrison has stated, "Here is the cosmological proof of the existence of God – the design argument of Paley – updated and refurbished. The fine tuning of the universe provides prima facie evidence of deistic design. Take your choice: blind chance that requires multitudes of universes or design that requires only one.... Many scientists, when they admit their views, incline toward the teleological or design argument."2

  1. For further information, visit the website of Dr. Edward Wright, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy at UCLA

  2. Hugh Ross, The Creator And The Cosmos (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress Publishing Group, 1993),

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