How Do We Know Jesus Is the Messiah?

Fulfilled Prophecy (#):

    l Ancestry (6)
    l Birth - date/place/circumstances (7)
    l Ministry (24)
    l Death (24)
    l Resurrection and present day ministry (6)

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The Old Testament clearly predicts the coming of the Messiah and describes in detail His ancestry, life, ministry, death and resurrection. It even predicts the time that He was to come, immediately before the destruction of the Temple (Daniel 9:27). It is only Jesus of Nazareth who could have fulfilled these prophecies, being born ~4 B.C. and having died ~30 A.D., only 40 years before the destruction of the Temple at the hands of Tiberias in 70 A.D. Among the remarkable predictions is that the Messiah would die by being pierced through His hands and feet. This prophecy was recorded hundreds of years before crucifixion was invented by the Romans. Click here for an extensive list of these prophecies.
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