Movie Review: Bringing up Bobby
by Dana Chaffin


Bringing Up Bobby DVDBringing up Bobby is now available on DVD in most Christian bookstores and at This hilarious Christian comedy targets the family and youth group audiences. It is a complex story of finding out what you believe and how to walk it out in your life. Most viewers can identify with one of the unique characters in the film. Without adding any spoilers – there are some comical scenes of how to raise a fifteen year old, sixteen in two weeks, teen. And the infamous War Table is a concept I would like to add to my own family.


Bringing up Bobby is the tale of James (Marc Thompson) the oldest raising two brothers, Bobby (Alexander Hinsky), and The Dennis (Brian Morvant) and one sister, Andrea (Reagan Kendrick) after their parents pass away. Bobby, the youngest, is about to turn sixteen and the parents' will is finally going to be read after twelve years. The story shows that not letting God direct your life can lead to greed, selfishness, and confusion. The film is goofy at times, but balances in serious issues too. It stresses that in tough times is when we need a Savior to direct our lives. Bobby's friend Eric (Adam Misenko) has a terrible home life and is struggling for answers. Andrea hires an attorney, Terry (Jhey Castles), to be at the reading of the will. However; the attorney and James develop a crush on each other. A new girl at school, Liz (Liz Bucher) catches Bobby's eye. Liz is a Christian and tries to get Bobby to figure out what he wants out life before she would consider dating him. Oh yeah, then there is The Dennis, the wanderer who believes the anarchists are after him and is extremely terrified of the family storage shed. In the midst of all this drama are hysterical scenes about how the characters handle these situations. Each character represents how their different personalities bring them all together as one big happy family.

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Bringing up Bobby is the result of twin brothers, Chris and Nick Staron, being told it was impossible to make a Christian comedy. Glowing Nose Films is the company founded by the brothers. Read the interesting story of how they got started and the meaning behind the name at Also check out their other movies on the site.

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Bringing up Bobby is produced in such a way that families and youth groups will enjoy watching this awesome message of faith, friendship, and family many times. Words can not describe how funny, almost whimsical this film handles family life. There is a perfect balance of humorous and serious issues. So gather the kids, grab your copy of Bringing up Bobby, and enjoy the discussions after the movie.

Bringing Up Bobby DVD
Bringing Up Bobby

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