Movie Review: C Me Dance
by Dana Chaffin


C Me Dance DVDNow available on DVD, the Christian thriller, C Me Dance. This film takes viewers on an emotional journey. It is moving and suspenseful with a strong message of hope and salvation. The film explains that all of us have a God given purpose whether we are aware of it or not. It is described by the writer, Greg Robbins, "as a chick flick with the devil in it."


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C Me Dance is the story of a teenage girl, Sheri (Christina DeMarco) that has danced most of her life. When she was just a baby, she and her mother were in a suspicious car accident, in which her mother died. Since then her father, Vince (Greg Robbins) has raised her by himself. She has always dreamed and trained to dance for the Pittsburgh Ballet. Her dream of dancing is cut short when she finds out she has cancer. Unfortunately the disease is too advanced for any treatment to save her. This is devastating for her and her father. They pray asking God for strength and they receive that and more. They discover that God has chosen Sheri to save those around her. God gives her the ability to touch a person and they experience the power of Christ. The devil finds out and tries everything to stop her. Sheri and her fathers’ faith are all they need. The devil tells them to stop and he will leave them alone. This is one fight they are not willing to give up.

Production background

C Me Dance was written and directed by Greg Robbins of Uplifting Entertainment. Uplifting Entertainment is a Christian production founded by Greg Robbins and this is the first film. However, Greg Robbins has been involved in radio, television, theatre and film since 1975. Uplifting Entertainment has also released a wonderful documentary, Christmas Unwrapped. This documentary explores the history of Christmas and explains the 'true' meaning of Christmas. To find out more about Uplifting Entertainment and other films go to

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C Me Dance is an extremely thrilling and inspiring story. The scenes of the devil may be disturbing for young viewers. This film keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. It is an outstanding production with amazing dance performances and the theme song is incredible. To watch the trailer and purchase the DVD go to the movie’s website

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