Movie Review: Fern Hill
by Dana Chaffin


Fern Hill DVDNow available on DVD the award winning film, Fern Hill. This Christian film is about true friendship, hope, adventure, and faith. It takes four young boys on the adventure of a lifetime. We all have cherished memories of our childhood friends; this film reminds us how sweet that time together was. It has been awarded the Family Approved Seal by the Dove Foundation. This is a great adventure film for the entire family.


Fern Hill is the tale of Colin, his best friends, and the loss of his father. His father was a pilot and his plane disappeared when Colin was only five years old. Although there was an investigation, nothing was ever found. Colin and mother were forced to move on without closure. She remarried an overbearing man that pushes him too hard. After Colin has a vivid dream about his Dad, he devises a plan to find him or at least try. He tells his plan to his three best friends and asks them to join him. His friends Kenny, Seth, and Bob are going through their problems and are looking for a get away. After debating all the obstacles and donuts, they innocently prepare for their journey. They soon find that the least of their concerns is that they are hiking to Fern Hill in the Colorado Mountains. They face many other challenges - fear, dark, the woods, wild animals, rain, a lost map, and the rumored madman Old Man Tyler’s cabin. But the biggest challenge just might be facing the truths they find out about themselves.

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Production background

Fern Hill was written many years ago by Cole Claassen of Agape Productions. This may be his debut feature film, but this film is high quality. The cast is amazing and very talented. Many were local actors from Crested Butte, Colorado where the film was shot. He was setting out to make this movie with almost no budget and a crew of friends and family when a friend made a small investment in the film. Cole says that memories from his own childhood are where he got the idea for the film. Growing up he had three adventurous best friends. Also while in high school Claassen experienced being part of a search and rescue team for a plane crash of a friend and their family. The poem Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas, about childhood, also played a part in the story of this film.

Future Agape Productions films

The next film for Agape Productions is Tennison Hopps. Visit the movie’s website The film is set in New Mexico Territory in 1889. Tennison Hopps is a coming of age story about two brothers’ fight to save their family after a tragic loss. Tennison is faced with the most difficult circumstances a young boy can imagine, and sets out on a journey across the rugged southwest to rescue his brother. This film is a faith-based family drama about a young boy’s journey from childhood to manhood, with the help of two unlikely new friends. At this time Agape Productions has actor Tom Berenger (Major League, Sniper, Gettysburg) attached as well as distribution offers with prominent worldwide companies. They are currently seeking investors for financing to complete the film. To find out more about this outstanding opportunity contact

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Fern Hill is a touching story of childhood, friendship, and adventure. The simplicity of childhood is memory we all cherish. Simplicity like how a three day weekend away from school can make your day. This film helps to remind us through its talented characters how great those times were. After watching this movie, you might very well give those old friends a call.

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