Movie Review: The Grace Card: Witness the Power of Forgiveness
by Dana Chaffin


The Grace Card DVDThe Grace Card opened in theaters nationwide on February 25, 2011. To find a theater near you visit the website The film has a touching story of forgiveness and grace. It showcases real life situations that are relevant to most viewers. Action packed movie about two police officers that are facing forgiveness issues in different ways. The cast and crew combine Hollywood professionals with talented local volunteers to produce one outstanding story.


The Grace Card is the story of Mac McDonald played by Comedian Michael Joiner (Bananas, Stand Up for Clean Comedy), a Memphis police officer, who is holding on to the anger from tragically losing his first son. He does not understand that the 17 years of bitterness and anger are holding him back not only on the job, but more so at home. Macís first son was ran over on his bike and killed by a drug dealer running from police. That is the reason Mac becomes a police officer, to keep criminals like that off the streets. He does not realize that his youngest son, Blake, now a teenager is screaming for his attention and his love. Blake finds that acceptance in friends from the wrong crowd and is becoming like them. Mac and his wife are having financial strains and he is looking to land the big promotion at work. Another officer, Sam Wright played by Michael Higgenbottom, however gets that promotion. To add to that Mac is now partnered with Sam. Sam feels that he is a police officer only until the church where he ministers takes off. He wants to be a minister like his Grandpa George played by Award Winning Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. (An Officer and A Gentleman, Roots). Sam is also holding back forgiveness issues about his father. These officers are from two different worlds and now must work side by side. Will Sam deal with the hurt he has from his father and get the church growing? Will Mac allow Godís grace to touch his life before it is too late?

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The Grace Card was directed and produced by David Evans from Memphis. It is the first film for Evans and Graceworks Pictures. Graceworks Pictures is following the example set by Sherwood Pictures (Fireproof, Facing the Giants) to bring the church into a ministry of making faith-based movies. David Evans is an optometrist by profession, but has successfully produced Calvary Churchís annual passion play for the last 15 years. This is just the beginning for Graceworks Pictures with more great films to follow. The cast and crew of this film is a mixture of professionals from Hollywood and local volunteers. A team of 300 volunteers teamed up with 20 year veteran screenwriter Howard Klausner. Klausner wrote Space Cowboys, The Last Ride which will release soon about the final days of Hank Williams, and many more.

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The Grace Card is an action-packed movie about dealing with forgiveness issues. It is an awesome film with lots of twists and surprises.

The Grace Card DVD
The Grace Card

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