Movie Review: Jerusalem Countdown
by Dana Chaffin


Jerusalem Countdown DVDJerusalem Countdown the movie will be in select theaters and churches starting in the fall of 2011. Pure Flix Entertainment has come up with 3 ways you can help bring this awesome film to your community by joining their Action Team. The movie highlights a scenario that could happen based on the events described in the book by Pastor John Hagee. It points out possibilities of terrorism, New World Order, Peace talks in Israel, government, nuclear weapons, and end time events. This film has great acting with big names like Lee Majors and Randy Travis and the production quality is outstanding. is now available on DVD. This is a touching story of Ruth, a Holocaust survivor and Grace, a young woman who is trying to find her purpose in life. The two women came from very different backgrounds, but once their paths cross, so do their hearts. Ruth is holding on to a family secret that has been kept for many generations, but will Grace be the one to find out?


Jerusalem Countdown the feature film is an action packed story of nuclear weapons being smuggled into the United States. One FBI agent Shane Daughtry (David A. R. White) must find the weapons before they are detonated. He gets a tip from a shifty arms dealer (Lee Majors) about a plan by terrorists to destroy the world called ‘The 7 wonders’. It also explores several people on their journey to believing in God as events unfold.

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 Pure Flix Entertainment worked closely with John Hagee Ministries to produce the film’s story with Hagee’s extensive facts from his book, the Bible, and the creative producers, they brought about a very stirring scenario of what could happen. “Jerusalem Countdown is suspected to turn some heads with its end times and terrorist story line. “The rapture scene in this film is amazing, they really put a lot of work into this!” says Scott Reed, vice president of distribution for Five and Two Pictures.

Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World the book is packed with historical research and future possibilities. Hagee gives information on Iran’s hatred for Israel and America. In the book he gives a list of why Christians should support Israel based on Scriptures. For each chapter there are documented references with websites and more to give credit to his claims. Author John C. Hagee is the founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. His teachings are broadcast by television and radio all over the world. He has authored 28 books including two on the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

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Jerusalem Countdown keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. It has lots of guns, explosives, and even a love story. My heart was racing through it all and I could not sit still during some scenes. This is a very intense and convincing story that shows that no one knows when the end is coming, but the Bible warns us to be ready. To find out more about the movie, to find a theater near you, and to join the Action Team check out the official movie website

Jerusalem Countdown DVD
Jerusalem Countdown

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