Movie Review: The Lost & Found Family
by Dana Chaffin


Lost & Found FamilyOn September 15, 2009 The Lost and Found Family movie will be released on DVD. The movie is a tender tale of life in a foster home. Five cautious kids find that they are beautiful, valuable, and even one a hero. A stranger discovers that God can bring her from tragedy to triumph. The touching story and the remarkable story behind the movie make this a must see.


The story starts with a wealthy woman, Ester, losing her husband only to find that he made some bad investments and lost all their money. The only possession left was a house he bought in Esterís name years before. One catch, a family occupied the house and she would have to live in the house with them until it sold. The family was two foster parents and five kids. Two of the kids were teens that were dealing with issues of their own. Ester was struggling with loneliness and couldnít understand that her pain was not top priority to any one else. She describes her situation as being just as much of an orphan as the kids. She also discovers that she needs God to bring her through. They all find that caring for someone else and helping them through their problems will bring them closer together.


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The story behind the movie is one of compassion and unselfishness that foster families realize everyday. This movie sheds light on the passion behind the foster parents. How they give not only their homes, but their love to the kids placed in their care. Foster parents somehow see the beauty behind the hurt, tragedy, and the walls. The National Foster Care Coalition (NFCC) reported in 2006 that in the United States there were 510,000 children in foster care programs. They also reported that 32% of those children were under the age of 5 years old. Think about that, these young children taken from all that is familiar- their family, their home, their friends, and put with a family that they donít know. That must be tough on the kids, but the foster parents must love them through that hurt. The movie gives us a glimpse of how painful that can be.

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The Lost and Found Family is an inspirational movie that shares a small sample of what foster families go through on a daily basis. If you know a foster family, tell them thank you for everything they do. The parents and kids deserve that, at least. On September 15, 2009 pick up the DVD anywhere Christian movies are sold. Until then you can check out the movie's website to learn more about the story and the story behind the movie.

Lost & Found Family
The Lost & Found Family

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