Movie Review: Miracle of the Widow
by Dana Chaffin


Miracle of the Widow DVDMiracle of the Widow is now available on DVD. This is a touching story of Ruth, a Holocaust survivor and Grace, a young woman who is trying to find her purpose in life. The two women came from very different backgrounds, but once their paths cross, so do their hearts. Ruth is holding on to a family secret that has been kept for many generations, but will Grace be the one to find out?


Miracle of the Widow starts in Hungary 1944 when a Jewish man fears that his family is in danger from the growing violence. He sends his young daughter, Ruth (played by Jody Spradlin), and a letter to his sister in Holland. Ruth later learns from old newspapers that her family was killed and now she and her aunt are the only family left. They decide to move to America where they can continue their family’s tradition of baking. The aunt opens a small bakery in Oregon called HIS Bakery. After the aunt passes, Ruth is left alone with only the bakery. She runs the bakery until her aging body is getting tired and she must find someone to help her run the bakery. Grace (played by Rachel Dennis) is a recent college graduate with a master’s degree and very opinionated attitude. She is not sure of where her life is going and she running away from her past. She enters HIS Bakery when she is hired at a children’s center to teach and help with the afterschool program.

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Miracle of the Widow was written and directed by Paul Stoos. It was the first film produced by Broadway Bridge Productions, but from the quality and acting you would not know. The cast and crew, totaling 80 members, were completely volunteers and none of them got a paycheck. They were humbled by each other’s passion and dedication for the film. Most of them had full time jobs and then would work long, long hours on the film. Not one of them said they regretted it or would not do it again. Each member of the crew gave the glory of this film to God, because without Him we could not have made this film.

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Miracle of the Widow is an amazing story of tradition, faith, and friendship. This is a great movie to share with your family. The twists in the story will surprise viewers and touch their hearts. You can find out more about the film, cast/crew, and buy the DVD at

Miracle of the Widow DVD
Miracle of the Widow

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