Movie Review: The Whisper Home
by Dana Chaffin


The Whisper HomeThe Whisper Home is now available as a 2 disc set on DVD at One disc is the full length movie and the other disc is loaded with humorous and moving behind the scene stories, 29 music scores, and other special features. It is a modern version of the prodigal son parable. This award winning film is an emotional journey of faith, family, and forgiveness. It gives a heartfelt answer to the question, Are you your brother's keeper? The cast and crew's dedication and love for the story helped to make it an outstanding film.


The Whisper Home is a new take on the old parable of the Prodigal Son. It brings that story right in to our generation. This film shows how those events are seen from all sides; the fathers, the brother and the sons. The story creatively deals with the issues that every family endures. The struggles between the siblings, like with all siblings, are very believable. The situations that the characters are going through and how they get over some issues are very stirring and keep the viewer's attention. The story is very emotionally charged and extremely creative.

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The Whisper Home had some of the most supportive and dedicated cast and crew members. When you can get a cast and crew involved emotionally with a script you can really show viewers the passion behind a film and this one definitely has it all. The cast were all impressed and moved by the story even that first night of reading through the script. Erin Beute, plays Rebecca Patterson, said "I knew we had something special and deeply moving!" Randy Vaughn, plays Dave Patterson said "Just saying the words out loud was really touching; the pauses, sighs, and tissue. Everyone was connecting emotionally with everyone in the room." The crew was just as moved by the intensity of the story. Producer, Alex Diehl, said "I know the parable, but not like that! You can't help but be reflective in your own experiences."

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The Whisper Home is a professionally done movie. The story is absolutely amazing. Makes the parable come to life! The film makes the viewer really take inventory of your relationships. My own mother, who has not spoke to her brother in years, made a phone call to apologize after watching this film. The story is touching and relative to everyone. The surprises and twists will leave you speechless.

The Whisper Home
The Whisper Home

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