Why Christian Movies?
by Dana Chaffin


Are you tired of watching violence or sex on your television or in theaters? Even sitcoms, reality shows and cartoons are promoting anti-biblical values. We complain about Hollywood, but they are not listening! They are doing whatever makes a dollar and for the most part we as Christians are helping them by paying to see these movies. Here I will explain, from my point of view as well as interviews with several Christian movie producers and distribution companies, why Christian movies are important, the meaning of theater or DVD releases, and what we as Christians can do to help promote them. I have spent the last several years watching and writing about Christian movies and have been blessed by the ones that truly promoted the Lord. I have watched Christian films from individuals to the big budget productions. The big budget films might be higher quality, but both have strong and inspiring messages. As a Christian I would like to see more faith-based movies available.

Importance of Christian movies

The movie industry has proved to be a great influence on Americans and when you think about how many of our teens are flooding theaters, how are they being influenced? The rapid decline of truth and lack of morals in movies must be stopped if the next generation is going to learn how to live for the glory of God. If we do not stand up against the defiling scenes that are in the media now can you imagine what it will be like in ten years? I recently watched a film Time Changer (a Rich Christiano film) that explains in a very entertaining way how when you take the authority of God out of teaching morals you are asking for trouble. Over 75% of Americans claim to be "Christian" and with most films from Hollywood containing extreme violence, excessive sexual content and consistently blaspheme God, why are Christians paying to see these films? Philippians 4:8 says - to think on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, & praiseworthy, not much of that in movies today. However; Hollywood is not the enemy; they only do what is profitable. This 75% claiming to be "Christians" needs to stand up for what is right and in line with Godís Word, if they would, the types of movies being produced and the shows on television would change! I am sure that Hollywood is not making its millions and the major television networks getting its high ratings from the less than 25% (the non-Christians). A documentary I think that puts this in prospective is Lord Save Us From Your Followers (a film by Dan Merchant). This film shows how the world views Christians in a negative way because they are judging Christianity by the way they see Christians act and some do not act at all like Jesus would want them to. God is the Creator of everything; we would have no actors, actresses, producers, etc. if He had not given them the very breath they breathe. Also Christian filmmakers must make sure that if they put a Christian label on their movie that it is true to Godís Word. I understand that some of the Christian movies done years ago were low quality or more Biblical stories. Today there are more Christian feature films that show viewers how to live for God while going through everyday situations. There are a growing number of Christian filmmakers and their films are increasing in quality. Nowadays most Christian movies are well written, entertaining, and have inspiring messages. With the economic downfall, unemployment and stress, people (Christians and non-Christians) are hurting and looking for hope. That hope can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. If we are going to help these people find the peace, hope, and joy God gives to go through some of lives hardest circumstances Christians must take a stand!

Theaters/DVD releases

Just because a Christian film does not play in theaters does not mean it is low quality or not worth watching. Christian producers choose to release directly to DVD for many reasons, but the main is financial. It costs a great deal to produce a film and it costs more to get it into theaters. But too many "Christians" are choosing the Hollywood alternative films, so it is hard for a Christian film to break even in theaters. It is estimated to cost $2000 per screen to show a movie. In addition to the screen cost is advertising. For a new filmmaker or small production company it is difficult to fund a theatrical release or find investors for it. Some Christian filmmakers have used their own money to get a film into theaters and then just prayed it would cover costs. The meaning of a successful movie to most Christian filmmakers is not monetary, but in touching lives and bringing glory to God.

What we can do

About the author

Dana Chaffin is a Christian freelance writer who has published many articles on sites like: faithwriters.com, christianmediaalliance.com, and extantmagazine.com. Passionate about Christian film, her desire is to get the word out about Christian movies to as many people as possible.

Rich Deem, editor

One of the most important things you can do is go see Christian films when in theaters on opening weekend. Theaters make decisions about which movies to continue showing by the number of viewers on opening weekend. John Martin, editor of Christian Filmworks Magazine, says "Making a movie is easy. Getting it distributed is the hard part". This is where we can help by spreading the word.

More ways you can help:

If you are interested in receiving articles about upcoming Christian movies or have any questions or comments please send an email to Dana Chaffin.

Conclusion Top of page

I hope you can see why Christian movies are so important and you will make a decision to help promote them in whatever way you can. The growing number of Christian filmmakers is raising awareness and possibilities for future Christian movies. If Christians will buy DVDs by Christian filmmakers and help get the word out about upcoming Christian films more will go see them and in turn Christian filmmakers will be able to make higher quality films with well-known actors/actresses in the future. Christians must take a stand against what is conflicting to Godís Word. So grab the popcorn and the Christian movie of your choice and enjoy a family movie night. Christian films are not only for Christians, but also to help non-Christians learn what is true and how to walk everyday and in every situation, with God.

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Last Modified May 24, 2010


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