Movie Review: Without a Father
by Dana Chaffin


Without a Father DVDWithout a Father will be available July 5th 2011 on DVD at This is an incredible story based on 2 Corinthians 6:18, "I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." It points out that even if we do not have a relationship with our earthly father; our Heavenly Father is always with us!


Without a Father is an extremely touching story of Joshua (Pieter Sypesteyn), who at a young age losses his mother to illness and then his father drowns. Fortunately his father had made arrangements with a friend Lucille (Cynthia Cannon) and her husband to adopt Joshua if anything should happen to him. They had a son, Christopher (Jacob O’Neal), a couple of years older than Joshua. The movie then skips 25 years in the future to show how the two boys grew up with two very different lifestyles. Joshua grew up never feeling quite right about being adopted and found acceptance from the wrong crowd, which ended him up in trouble and even prison. Christopher grew up to be very successful according the world’s standards – nice car, fancy house, beautiful wife, and a big shot in his law firm. He is still holding on to resentment for Joshua because he feels he interrupted his childhood. Christopher is chairman of the Attorney’s for Christ organization; however behind the scenes he is accepting bribes and losing touch with his wife because business is always his priority. But the one thing they both have in common is Lucille’s love and prayers. Will they finally quite running from church and God?

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Without a Father was produced by Gordon Pictures in San Antonio, Texas. This is an awesome non-profit Christian movie production ministry. Their main goal is to impact the world with Christ-centered films to the glory of God. Also they have a Christian Movie Making Academy to help future Christian filmmakers. They will also have a two day film festival in August 2012 to help train and promote Christian filmmakers. On most Fridays they have free movie and a meal night around the San Antonio area. Gordon Pictures is more than a production company; they are a very busy Christian Movie Ministry that is more about glorifying God than money.

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Without a Father is a wonderful movie produced by an amazing ministry. It is action packed and touching however; because of scenes of guns, prison, and drug dealing simulations not recommended for young children. The DVD has an incredible special feature that lists 16 qualities of a Godly father with Scriptures. Be sure to check out the movie’s website and the ministry’s website

Without a Father DVD
Without a Father

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