Evidence for God from Science Newsletter November, 1998

Much has happened in the last two months at GodAndScience.org and this is the first periodic update E-mail to keep you informed.

After six months of research, I have finally decided to give my perspective on Y2K - the year 2000 computer problem. Many Christian organizations and churches claim that Y2K will bring widespread power outages, banking failures and societal chaos. Are these views realistic and supported by information from the experts? Find out at:


Over 70 new pages have been added to the site, most of those as part of a new slide show entitled, From the Beginning to Man: How God declares His love to us. The slide show consists of 61 slides that show how God loves us, through the design of the laws of the universe, the design of our galaxy, Solar System, Earth, and moon, and the love of God from His provision for Man's sin. The slideshow includes optimized graphics and many beautiful images from the Hubble Space Telescope and a thumbnail index.

Text only index: http://www.GodAndScience.org/love/design.html Thumbnail index: http://www.GodAndScience.org/love/thumbs.html

In conjunction with the new slideshow, the pages describing the design of the universe, the earth and the probabilities of life elsewhere in the universe have been updated and expanded. Dozens of new design parameters have been added, in addition to specific references from the scientific literature. Check out the new design pages:

Universe: http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/designun.html
Earth: http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/designss.html
Probability of Life: http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/probabilitieslife.html

The article demonstrating the effectiveness of intercessory prayer has been updated to include the actual text of the scientific article (by permission of the publisher)

Scientific Proof for Answered Prayer and the Existence of God http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/prayer.html
Positive Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer in a Coronary Care Unit Population paper: http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/coronary.html

As usual, the evolution pages continue to be updated on a regular basis. A page on the failure of the descent of man theory is planned, but not yet completed. The Evolution Pages at GodAndScience.org:


We wish you a very happy and joyful Thanksgiving and pray that God will continue to bless you as He has blessed us though his goodness and the indwelling of His Son. Joy and peace to you all.

In Christ,
Rich Deem

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