Evidence for God from Science Newsletter April, 1999

Greetings in the name of the Lord! The Lord has been so good to us. Many of you know that my wife Carole suffers from a brain tumor and that her life expectancy at time of diagnosis in 1996 was 4-7 years. Since Carole's radiation treatment, MRI's have shown that the tumor has not grown. Now, we have some even better news. Carole has recently switched neurologists, been put on different medications, and given additional tests to determine the status of the tumor. The neurologist scheduled her for a PET scan, which determines whether the tumor is metabolizing. The results of the test show that the tumor is completely dormant (it could even be dead, but the test cannot tells us that). Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers!

For more information about Carole's tumor see the page, God's Work in My Life


Other information about me and my family can be found at the personal pages:



News on the evolution front has been coming in very fast, so much so that I haven't had time to include everything in the pages yet. However, many news items can be found at the evolution pages:

The Adequacy of the Fossil Record Molecular clock says eutherian mammals diverged 130 million years ago - fossils indicate 65 million years ago Endosymbiosis model of Of or referring to the mitochondria, the organelles that generate energy for the cell.mitochondrial origins questioned Having a harmful of bad effect.Deleterious A permanent structural alteration in DNA, consisting of either a substitution, insertion or deletion of nucleotide bases.mutation rate too high for humans Natural selection's most famous example, the peppered moth, based upon bad science Prebiotic Soups - "useful for paving roads but not particularly promising as a wellspring for life"

One of the most important highlights is a recent study that shows that the Having a harmful of bad effect.deleterious A permanent structural alteration in DNA, consisting of either a substitution, insertion or deletion of nucleotide bases.mutation rate for humans (and other An order of mammals including man, apes, monkeys, etc., often characterized by large brains and flexible hands and feet.primates) is so high that we should have already gone extinct. Another shocker is the report that the peppered moth studies were basically forgeries (thanks to Virginia for alerting me to that story). Find out the latest on evolution:


Nearly every other evolution page has been updated recently. Get the whole picture at the Evolution Pages:



New papers in this section include the significance of the Passover celebration in the life of the Christian:

How the Passover Reveals Jesus Christ (http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/passover.html)

A Messianic Passover Seder - Hold your own Passover celebration next year as an outreach (http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/seder.html)

A MESSIANIC PASSOVER HAGGADAH - Step by step guide (http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/haggadah.html) (Thanks to David Sargent for his help in supplying the materials)

God's Outrageous Love - An earthly story to illustrate the truth about God's love. (http://www.GodAndScience.org/love/outrageous.html)

New "Answers for Atheists" (http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/answers.html) pages:

Man: Created in the Image of God - Man is different from every other animal on the face of the earth. (http://www.GodAndScience.org/evolution/imageofgod.html)

There is Too Much Evil and Suffering For God to Exist - an answer for those who make this claim (http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/evilandsuffering.html)

Sexism in the Bible? - Is the Bible sexist? A look at the role of women in the church according to the Bible. (http://www.GodAndScience.org/apologetics/sexism.html)

The Year 2000 problem is rapidly becoming a non-issue. It now appears that even the federal government has gotten its act together and that all or nearly all federal agencies will become Y2K ready by the end of the year. As more and more of the news is positive, pessimists have been increasingly citing the effect of multiple unknown errors bringing down systems when the date rolls over to the year 2000. However, a recent Gartner reports smashes that myth. According to their research, only 8 to 10 percent of all failures related to Y2K will occur within TWO WEEKS of January 1, 2000. The latest NERC report on the status of the power industry will be released on April 30 - look for an update soon thereafter. My Y2K page is being updated twice a month, so get the latest info at "Y2K - How Serious Will It Be?":


Microsoft has just released their final version of the Year 2000 update for Windows 95. The latest version has gone from 251 KB to 2170 KB. If you, like me, have not upgraded to Windows 98, you should download the latest Y2K patch for your computer. Find it at the page entitled, Y2K and Your Personal Computer:


New Discussion Page

I have had some excellent discussions with many of you and have even personally met a few of you. I feel that your lives, likewise, will be enriched by meeting each other, which is why I started a discussion group page. The Evidence for God from Science site features many topics in its web pages. Therefore all of these topics are open for discussion, and any others that you feel will be edifying to others. In addition, the discussion page has already attracted several atheists, who are more than willing to discuss the issues described on the site. Join in the discussion:

http://venus.beseen.com/boardroom/n/27781/ [note: No longer active - go to http://discussions.GodAndScience.org/]

E-mail change and lesson on "forever"

In 1997 I signed up with NetAddresses for a "forever free, permanent e-mail account with e-mail forwarding." It now appears that "forever" has ended, since they will be charging for e-mail forwarding beginning May 3. As a result, I am now changing my e-mail address from saved_by_grace@usa.net to saved_by_grace@geocities.com (Yes, I will still be "saved_by_grace"). If, by chance, you have put me into your address book, please make a note of the change. You can always find my current e-mail address from the website. It is good to know that God's gift of salvation by grace through faith is truly free and that His love and grace endure forever.

Those are the most recent updates and changes since the last e-mail update. If you would like to see anything in particular at Evidence for God from Science, let me know. May the Lord Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance and be with you all.

In Christ,
Rich Deem

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