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Greetings in the name of the Lord! This is the latest edition of the update for the Evidence for God from Science website. The site has undergone a major change in its homepage (faster loading) and navigation (more links added to each page to help you get around the site). The site also has an excellent search engine feature that allows you to find specific terms or phrases. Let me know what you think of the changes.

Free CD-ROM Contest

As Christians, we have much to be thankful for. Join with me in giving thanks to God for all He has done. If you have a special story you would like to share with others about what God has done for you, write a short essay and submit it to this site. The 5 best essays will be featured on the site and the authors will be given a free Evidence for God from Science CD-ROM (see below).

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Deadline for submission is December 5, 2000


A new page has been added to the evolution pages, "Examples of Bad Design Gone Bad." This page describes three examples of "bad design" that have been shown by science to actually be good design, contrary to the views of the evolutionists. A recent journal article describes how the design of the Giant Panda's "thumb" is actually good, contrary to the claims of Gould. The article includes a 3D animation that shows how the Panda's hand is used to grasp food and branches. The second article details how the vertebrate "inverted" retina is optimally designed for vision, contrary to Richard Dawkins' claim that it is poor design "that would offend any tidy-minded engineer." An animation of the process is also included. The third example is that of "junk" Deoxyribonucleic acid: the chemical inside the nucleus of a cell that carries the genetic instructions for making living organisms.DNA. The article shows how most (if not all) of the "junk" actually has function.

Examples of Bad Design Gone Bad

The second new page, "Intentional Deception by Evolutionists" details how Talk Origins (one of the leading proponents of evolution) uses deception to try to convince their readers that speciation is a common occurrence in nature. The Talk Origins article describes the "speciation" of goatsbeards (a wildflower) within a period of less than a century upon introduction into the United States. In fact, at least two separate "new species" arose that were unable to produce viable offspring with the parent, but were able to produce viable offspring between themselves. What the article doesn't tell you is that the cause of the speciation is merely a single All the DNA contained in an organism or a cell, which includes both the chromosomes within the nucleus and the DNA in mitochondria.genome duplication event that commonly occurs in plants. Of course, gametes that have different numbers of Threadlike "packages" of genes and other DNA in the nucleus of a cell. Different kinds of organisms have different numbers of chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 in all: 44 autosomes and two sex chromosomes. Each parent contributes one chromosome to each pair, so children get half of their chromosomes from their mothers and half from their fathers.chromosomes are unable to recombine since the Threadlike "packages" of genes and other DNA in the nucleus of a cell. Different kinds of organisms have different numbers of chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 in all: 44 autosomes and two sex chromosomes. Each parent contributes one chromosome to each pair, so children get half of their chromosomes from their mothers and half from their fathers.chromosomes are unable to pair (due to unequal numbers). In fact, this single genetic error (which added zero new information) was responsible for the "speciation." More examples of intentional deception will follow.

Intentional Deception by Evolutionists

The Evolution Pages at GodAndScience.org:



The "Resources" page has been updated, with links to new versions of the popular browsers, Netscape Communicator 4.76 (Windows and Mac) and certain compression utilities. These resources are also available on the CD-ROM (see below). Keep your PC updated:


The free and inexpensive resources available to those interested in creating their own website are increasing at a rapid rate. I recently bought a new domain for $20.00 for two years and got free pop3 and SMTP email. Some domain registrars now include free lifetime hosting with domain registration. In addition, your site can now accept major credit cards without paying for secure server hosting or high monthly fees. All this information and more is presented in a slideshow format, so that you can go to just the information you need and get the resources and free website hosting for your own site. YOU can do it!

Creating a Christian Apologetics Website (updated)

Do you think that the news you get from the media is all fairly reported? If you have been following the recent events in the Middle East, the impression given is that the Israelis are beating up on the Palestinians. One particularly glaring example of biased reporting is given in a new article:

Deception in the News


Our oldest son, Matthew (age 9), is in the process of becoming a major evangelist at his school. Two weeks ago, he led one of the boys in his class into faith in Jesus Christ through conversations at recess and sharing a Jesus video. Matthew led the boy in a prayer of repentance and faith during recess. On Halloween, Matthew led one of the girls in the class to faith in Christ. Find out more about Matthew or e-mail him:


More about the Deem family can be found at the Personal Pages


Projects being worked on:

What does the Bible say about Reincarnation?
This is a page that examines what the Old and New Testament says about reincarnation. The New Testament is very clear about the issue, but the Old Testament is not so clear. Jews believe that you can come back in a second mortal life to help atone for your sins. In fact, recently, an influential Orthodox Rabbi from Israel stated that all of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holcaust were reincarnated sinners. However, there are a number of Old Testament verses that indicate that we have only one mortal life.

The Trinity in the Old Testament
Orthodox Jews and many cults do not like the idea of the Trinity, complaining that the concept is not found in the Bible. Pages already exist on this site that demonstrate the concept of the Trinity from the New Testament. However, Jews do not accept the New Testament as scripture. The new page will demonstrate how the Trinity is found in the Old Testament so that you can be better prepared to share the gospel with your Jewish friends and co-workers.

"Creationary Model for the Universe and Life on Earth" will be a
comprehensive model for the universe that fits both biblical accounts and
scientific data. It is a much-requested (by evolutionists) creationary
model. One of the most common complaints from evolutionists is that we
criticize evolution without providing a reasonable alternative. This page
will be an attempt to answer their charge.

"All ways lead to God" - An examination of this popular belief is shown to be logically impossible.

The Genesis Flood - Does the Hebrew text support a local flood interpretation?

Evidence for God from Science CD-ROM

The Evidence CD-ROM is available and contains the entire website for Evidence for God from Science (over 10 MB) Genesis Screen Saver (20 MB) plus the original PowerPoint presentations (another 20 MB). As an added bonus, all the latest browsing (Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer), viewing (MS Word Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer, Acrobat Reader, PostScript Viewer and PDF creator) and compression (Stuffit Expander, ZipIt, and WinZip) resources are available for both Windows (32 bit and 16 bit) and Macintosh (PPC and 68K). Get your copy today:


Payment ($10.00) can be done online with major credit cards. A multiple order discount is available. Updates are now available (CD-ROM without the jewel case) for $5.00. Those who signup and pay through PayPal will receive a $5.00 signup bonus. Last year all entrants received a free CD-ROM.

Those are the most recent updates and changes since the last e-mail update. If you would like to see anything in particular at Evidence for God from Science, let me know. Don't forget to vote this Tuesday! Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.

In Christ,
Rich Deem

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