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At the prompting of a friend, Matthew, our eldest son dove to the drain of a Jacuzzi adjacent to an older swimming pool. The suction of the drain was so strong that he was unable to release himself. Fortunately, I had seen what happened and was able to release the suction by diving down and grabbing his stomach. I usually swim with the boys and if I had been in the pool at the time, I would not have seen what had happened in the adjacent Jacuzzi. In addition, I had seen a 60 minutes show about the drain problem a number of years ago, so I knew what to do to release Matthew. More details can be found at:

     God at Work in My Life

No wonder I have so many gray hairs!

For those of you who are praying for my wife Carole, I have good news. Carole was diagnosed with a brain tumor just over six years ago - with a prognosis of 3-7 years to live. Since that time, the tumor has not grown. The latest MRI, done in August, showed that the tumor is still not growing, or even metabolizing (i.e., dead or completely dormant). Thank you for your continued prayers.

Site Review: ScienceMinistries.org

Science Ministries, Inc.Science Ministries, Inc. (SMI) is an education-based non-profit corporation addressing issues in science and biotechnology from a Christian worldview. The goal of Science Ministries is to equip Christians of every age to understand the issues and stand firm for Christian principles. This goal is achieved through: 

  1. an established and interactive web site - www.ScienceMinistries.org
  2. a study guide curriculum addressing creation, evolution and biotechnology
  3. national and community based seminars, workshops, leadership meetings
  4. research-based writing.

Science Ministries is based in Richmond, Virginia. The founder and president, Dr. Kelly Hollowell, holds a Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology from the University of Miami (emphasis in Deoxyribonucleic acid: the chemical inside the nucleus of a cell that carries the genetic instructions for making living organisms.DNA technology and analysis) and a law degree from Regent University. In the secular world, she combined and used these degrees in her practice as a patent attorney specializing in biotechnology. Nonetheless, the Lord has seen fit to use her education and training in a very different way - calling Dr. Hollowell into the work at SMI. As a committed follower of Jesus Christ and the undiluted truth of the Bible, Dr. Hollowell is an author, teacher and conference speaker gathering national attention through her work at Science Ministries.

Answers for atheists

Why would God create a person who would be destined for hell? Why wouldn't God just create everyone to enjoy the glory of heaven? I was sent these questions by a skeptic who rejected the Christian solution of God allowing free will (and possible evil) for the purpose of allowing love to be possible. Having rejected a major reason why God allows the presence of evil, I sought to attack the atheistic "solution" from a different standpoint. When you think about these tough questions, you find that they are not quite as simple as they first seem, and contain many unstated (and invalid) assumptions. The "solution" provided by skeptics to the problem of a loving God allowing evil is actually invalid for Christianity, since it would result in God being either unjust or deceptive. After several weeks, I have still received no reply from the original skeptic who asked the questions.

     Why Would God Create a Person Who Would be Destined for Hell?

1 Chronicles says that David was the seventh son of Jesse, whereas 1 Samuel says that Jesse paraded the first seven of his sons in front of Samuel, with David still in the fields (making eight sons). It appears to be a direct contradiction - but is it?

     False Teachings and Contradictions in the Bible?

A refuted "apologetics" page has been added to the site. Most of these ideas can be readily seen to be unscientific, but I get occasional e-mails asking about them. Some of the refuted ideas include Bible codes, theomatics, and "sacred" geometry. I will be adding more links in the future. If you have any other ideas for this page, please e-mail me.

     Bogus and Refuted 'Christian' Apologetics


A major update has been made to the page describing the cosmological constant. An article by MIT and Stanford cosmologists blows the lid off the idea that the universe could have just happened by accident. In the article entitled, "Disturbing Implications of a Cosmological Constant," the authors use such phrases as "deep paradoxes," "disturbing crisis," "statistically miraculous," "extraordinarily unlikely," and "Some unknown agent" What do these scientists know that the vast majority of atheists have failed to see?

     Extreme Fine Tuning - the Cosmological Constant

Biblical Creation

A new overview of progressive creation has been written by Dale Tooley, director of Hasten The Light Ministries, which examines eschatology (end times prophecy) of the Bible. Mr. Tooley became interested in creation and the Bible during his many years of defending the Bible in the popular press. This is a good introduction to some of the scientific and biblical issues involved.

     Progressive Creation- An Overview

Recent real scientific studies have demonstrated that the speed of light has probably decreased over the history of the universe. Does this confirm the young earth hypothesis that the universe could be old and the earth young? Find out the answer in this recently updated page.

     Is the Speed of Light Decreasing?

Christian Life Issues

I recently received an e-mail from a site visitor describing a Bible study in which it was stated that the gospel could be found in the stars of the Zodiac. I was rather surprised that Christians were teaching such things and thought that it would be good to present what the Bible really says about astrology and stargazing.

     Gospel in the Stars?- What Does the Bible Say About Astrology?

God's Love

I recently heard on the radio an old (1985) Whitney Houston song entitled, "Greatest Love Of All," In the song, Whitney Houston claimed that the greatest love of all was to love yourself. This is obviously not a biblical teaching, so I thought I should set the record straight on what is really the greatest love.

     The Greatest Love Of All

In Preparation

Is the Biblical Flood Account a Modified Version of The Epic of Gilgamesh?

Does Romans 8-19-22 Refer to the Cursed Creation?

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In Christ,
Rich Deem

In Christ,
Rich Deem

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