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Changes to the website

I managed to figure out how to use stylesheets to format the website pages for printing. Now, if you print any page from the site to your printer, the navigation is automatically excluded from the printed page. You don't have to click on a printable page link - just print any page. It's almost like magic! Try it out for your favorite page and then give the printed copy to someone who doesn't know the Lord yet.


Spiritual warfare is alive and well! Being involved in the campaign against California's cloning Proposition 71, there were some events that tell me that the enemy did not want the message to get through. On October 8, our family van was struck from behind at a red light by a man on a cell phone. The van was totaled by the 40+ mph impact, but fortunately Carole (wife) and Andrew (middle son) were not seriously injured. The next week, our other car experienced starting problems and was in the shop a few days. However, God provided a used car from a co-worker, whose donation to the Salvation Army the week before was postponed because of rain. Thanks to God's help, I made all my speaking engagements.

Site Review

Christiancadre.org is a Christian apologetics website that emphasizes classical and historical defense of the Christian faith. Members of the group are actively involved in defending Christianity on secular and religious discussion boards. Most members also have their own apologetics websites. If you are interested in active Christian apologetics, visit the site and consider joining our group. We come from diverse denominational and political backgrounds, so anyone who affirms the Apostles Creed is welcome to join.


Answers for Atheists

I get a fair amount of e-mail about Albert Einstein's quote on the homepage of Evidence for God from Science, so I thought it would be good to clarify the matter. Atheists object to the use of the quote, since Einstein might best be described as an agnostic, who stated quite clearly that he did not believe in a personal God. However, Einstein's rejection of a personal God was based upon a lack of understanding of a simple logical principle. Einstein believed that a personal God would not allow evil in His created world. Einstein didn't seem to understand that one could not choose between good and bad if bad did not exist. It's amazing that such a brilliant man could not understand such a simple logical principle.

     Did Albert Einstein Believe in a Personal God?

Why did God tell Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Isn't knowledge a good thing to have? Did God set Adam and Eve up to fail? The answers to these questions and more can be found on the new page:

     Why Wouldn't God Want Adam and Eve to Have Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Design vs. Evolution

There was quite a flurry of excitement in anthropological circles the end of last month as scientists announced the discovery of the bones of a "Hobbit" human-like creature in Indonesia. This report examines the evidence, including a pictorial comparison to modern humans and extinct hominins. Is this discovery proof or a problem for the theory of evolution?

    Hobbit Human-Like Species Found on Flores Island in Indonesia

Biblical Creation

Most Young earth creationists claim that there was no death before the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden. This doctrine is primarily tied to two passages - Genesis 1:29-30 in the Old Testament and Romans 5:12 in the New Testament. Out of context, without the consideration of the remainder of the Bible, the verses seem to support the doctrine. However, arguments in favor of this "biblical" doctrine reply primarily upon emotion (e.g., "millions of year of suffering and death"). This page cites over 60 biblical passages that support the Bible's claim that there was animal death, but no human death, before Adam's sin.

     No Death Before the Fall - A Young Earth Problem

Christian Life Issues

Smoking and alcoholism. You have heard the data before. They get all kinds of deadly diseases that reduce their life expectancy by 20 years compared to the general population. They tend to be abusive to their loved ones and tend to be sexually unfaithful. But, I say that we should promote smoking and drinking in our schools, since this is just an alternative lifestyle. Before you think I am completely crazy (and e-mail me), understand that this page is actually not about smoking or alcoholism - these lifestyles are roundly condemned by the medical community, and by politicians and our public schools - as they rightly should be. However...

     Smoking and Alcohol: It's Just Another Lifestyle: What Health Risks?


Many people want to spend eternity with their spouse in heaven, especially if separated from them through death during their marriage. Although Christian doctrine states that we (Christians) will be together for all eternity, what does it say about our former marriages? Will we be married to each other for eternity in heaven?

     Will There be Marriage in Heaven?

Aberrant Theology

Jehovah's Witness theology says that Jesus Christ is merely the first creation of God. This page examines their claims (Colossians 1:15 and Revelation 3:14) to support this doctrine and scriptures that contradict this theology. As usual, Jehovah's Witnesses take verses out-of-context and ignore the meaning of the original scriptures. PDF file is also available.

     Jesus Christ: The First of God's Creations?

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Rich Deem

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