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Thank you for your prayers for My wife Carole's seizures due to her brain tumor. Carole was put on an additional anti-seizure medication, which didn't reduce the number of seizures. However, a couple weeks after she was taken off the new medicine, her seizures have nearly disappeared - obviously not the result of treatment. However, a new PET scan and MRI's indicate that the tumor is slowly growing. Carole began chemotherapy last week and tolerated it well. Chemotherapy will continue on a monthly basis for  at least several months. Please continue to pray for Carole and our family.

Answers for Atheists

One of the most common objections to the existence of God comes from arguments about the existence of Santa Claus and invisible pink unicorns. Although it is not possible to prove absolutely the non-existence of Santa Claus, most people cease to believe in his existence by age 10. Although the existence of Santa Claus has not been disproved, the weight of evidence suggests that he does not exist. Likewise, although we cannot prove invisible pink unicorns do not exist, we tend to reject their existence, since none have ever been detected. Shouldn't the same logic apply to the existence of God?. More...

     Invisible Pink Unicorns, Santa Claus and God

The sixth commandment is "Thou shall not kill." Skeptics claim that God violated His own commandment in ordering the destruction of entire cities, just to allow the Jews to have a homeland in the Middle East. The Bible confirms that God ordered the killing of thousands of people. Isn't this an open and shut case for the hypocrisy of the God of the Bible? More...

     Thou Shalt Not Kill- Does God Violate His Own Commandment?

Design vs. Evolution

A friend of our family and freelance writer, Sharon Pearson, has a son who attends a public high school. One of the assignments for her son's literature class was the book, Inherit the Wind. This fictional book is loosely based upon the Scopes Monkey Trial. "Loose" is an understatement of the inaccuracies introduced into this fictionalized account. The Christians are demonized, while the evolutionists are made to be the heroes. In reality, the Christians objected to the racism and eugenics associated with the evolutionary movement of the early 20th century. For example, Hunter's Biology, the evolutionary textbook, indicated that criminality, pauperism, alcoholism, prostitution and feeblemindedness were inherited and stated that the Caucasian race is "the highest type of race." The evolutionist defense attorney, Clarence Darrow once stated, "Chloroform unfit children. Show them the same mercy that is shown beasts that are no longer fit to live." Sharon's purpose in writing the article was to correct the inaccuracies of Inherit the Wind so that students would not assume that it was a true representation of Christianity. If a similar book were to distort any other religion or ethnic group, it is certain that it would not ever be used in a literature class of a public high school. More...

     Inherit the Wind- The Truth About the "Real Brady" (William Jennings Bryan) of the Scopes Monkey Trial

Biblical Creation

Several creationist organizations publish technical pages that claim the days found in the Genesis creation account cannot be interpreted as anything other than 24 hours in length. Unfortunately, these pages make false and misleading claims to deceive potential "converts." This page examines those claims and the facts. More...

     Does the Bible Say God Created the Universe in Six 24-Hour Days?

Christian Theology

The Basic Theology Quiz is quite challenging, and has generated some feedback by those who disagree with some of the answers. Question 16 involves the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. One visitor disagreed with the second answer, "Grieving the Spirit will cause the believer to lose the sense of the Holy Spirit’s blessing" and wanted biblical support for the position. Although there are no specific verses supporting the answer, there are specific examples found in the scriptures. Can you think of them? More...

    The Importance of the Holy Spirit in the Life of Christians

Christian thought on the role of free will and predestination often permeates discussions of Christian theology. One camp (Arminianism) says that people have complete free will, whereas the other (Calvinism) says that God predestines everything. An e-mail from a recent site visitor indicated that God chooses whether or not some people are even offered salvation. This page examines the true scope of God's offer of salvation, citing verses not usually found in Cavinists' Bibles. More...

     Does God Offer Forgiveness of Sin to All People or Just Believers?

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