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Mario, our Spanish translator has translated over 30 pages. Last month, 2,000 visitors read the Spanish language pages. We pray that many of our Spanish-speaking visitors will be blessed and encouraged in their faith and outreach. The new pages can be found at En Espaņol.

Aberrant Theology

Several years ago, I wrote a page documenting errors in LDS (Mormon) theology regarding the origins of Native Americans. According to the Book of Mormon and other LDS scripture, Hebrews are the ancestors of the Native Americans. However, the genetic information shows that Native Americans are descended from Asians. Since the initial writing, much research has been published that sheds more light on the subject. The update page is now available...

    Deoxyribonucleic acid: the chemical inside the nucleus of a cell that carries the genetic instructions for making living organisms.DNA Evidence and Molecular Genetics Disprove the Book of Mormon

General Science

After a year of study and writing, I have finally finished the page on global warming. Most scientists think that global warming will be a serious problem. A number of conservatives say that there is no problem at all. Some reports claim that temperatures will rise by up to 5.8°C and that sea levels will rise by more than 3 feet in this century. The new page examines the issues from the science that has been published. In examining viewpoints from both sides, I have found that there is a lot of selective reporting of data. What is the truth? Read more...

    Global Warming: Will Human-Induced Climate Change Destroy the World?

Orion Nebula M42There are many new Hubble Space Telescope pictures on the site. These pictures can be found in a slideshow, thumbnail pages, or online greeting cards.


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