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Book Reviews

The Language of God : A Scientist Presents Evidence for BeliefFrancis Collins, the former head of the Human Genome Project, has written a book presenting his case for belief in theism. Although Collins presents much of the evidence supporting a Christian worldview, he discounts nearly all of it, rejecting the origin of life as requiring any input from God. Collins goes on to reject creationism, relegating virtually all of Genesis (other than Genesis 1:1) to being "poetic" and "allegorical." Another chapter is devoted to criticizing intelligent design, indicating that it is a "God of the gaps" approach "ironically on a path toward doing considerable damage to faith." Collins proposes that God designed the universe with such precision that humans would be the end result. Thus, although Collins believes in "theistic evolution," the only part he accepts as being theistic was the original design of the universe. Although Collins calls it "spiritually satisfying" and "intellectually rigorous", I think most believers would find it biblically troublesome and scientifically irrelevant. More...

    Book Review: The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

Earth Turns Heaven: The End and BeyondEarth Turns Heaven: The End and Beyond by Maria Vatsa is written from an interesting perspective. Although it was submitted to me as scientific examination of creation and beyond, it might more aptly be called A Brief History of God's Time. Although Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time was mentioned in the introduction, I didn't really get how that applied to the book until I read to the end of the book. Earth Turns Heaven is a sweeping examination of God's plan for the creation - from the beginning of time until the end of time, and beyond. As such, it is not really an examination of the science, but an examination of the Bible from beginning to end, since scripture is quoted extensively. More...

    Book Review: Earth Turns Heaven: The End and Beyond

Answers for Atheists

Slavery and the Bible

The claim is often made that the God of the Bible approves of slavery, since rules governing slavery can be found in the both the Old and New Testament. Since virtually everyone agrees that forced, involuntary servitude is morally wrong, how can Christians justify the Bible's apparent support of slavery? What the skeptics won't tell you is that selling a person into slavery was grounds for the death penalty, according to the Old Testament. Slavery in the Old Testament was vastly different than the form practiced in the 19th century Americas, primarily being a temporary, voluntary means of survival for unfortunate individuals...

    Does God Approve of Slavery According to the Bible?

Design vs. Evolution

Homo floresiensis revisted

Homo floresiensisA new study, published this month, reexamined the only skeletal remains of Hobbit man, discovered in 2004. The new study claims that H. floresiensis is not really a new species, but a microencephalic dwarf with multiple congenital abnormalities. More...

    Hobbit Human-Like Species Found on Flores Island in Indonesia

Christian Theology

Premarital Sex?

Many Christians seem to have bought into the secular idea that as long as one is "in love" it doesn't matter if couples live together (and engage in premarital sex). The problem is that many times "love" fails, and Christians end up moving from one relationship to another. This paper examines what the Bible says about living together before marriage, for those who claim to be Christians...

    Is it Okay for Christians to Engage in Premarital Sexual Relations Before Marriage?

Battle Hymn

The Battle Hymn of the Republic was a very popular patriotic song, beginning when it was first written in 1862. Recently, it has fallen out of use (except in churches during Independence Day, Fourth of July, celebrations), probably because of its Christian religious content. However, its lyrics provide rich Christian symbolism of the triumph of Jesus over His enemies...

    Battle Hymn of the Republic: What do Those Words Mean?

Miscellaneous science

Global warming

On Sunday, June 25, 2006, the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled "Greenland's Ice Sheet Is Slip-Sliding Away." The subtitle said, "The massive glaciers are deteriorating twice as fast as they were five years ago. If the ice thaws entirely, sea level would rise 21 feet." It is true that sea levels would rise a lot if all the ice melted. However, what the article does not tell you is that overall, ice on Greenland is accumulating - not melting! I couldn't believe that the L.A. Times would published such a deceptive article, so I wrote the editor (and the author, Mr. Robert Hotz), but received no reply...

    Global Warming: Deceptive Article in Los Angeles Times

Global warming PowerPoint presentations

Global Warming: Will Human-Induced Climate Change Destroy the World?Two PowerPoint versions of the global warming paper have been prepared. Although the companion paper is somewhat technical, the new PowerPoint presentations cover more of the background information with many more graphics and animations. So, if you want to get caught up on global warming issues without spending a lot of time reading long articles, these PowerPoint presentations are for you. The standard presentation allows you to browse the slides manually. A larger, narrated version is available below.

    Global Warming PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint File (3.5 MB)

In addition to a standard PowerPoint presentation, a fast-moving, auto-play presentation with narration has been prepared. Total run time is 25 minutes. Sit back and enjoy the show!

    Global Warming PowerPoint Presentation with Narration PowerPoint File (20.4 MB)

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In Preparation

I am preparing a new page that argues that the candor and negative aspects of people of faith presented in the Bible ensures that the accounts are true. If the writers had just made up the stories, then the negative aspects of their lives would have probably been left out. If you have ideas about including certain Bible heroes in the new page, please e-mail me. Here are the people I am currently considering:

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