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This is a somewhat abbreviated newsletter, since I have been involved in several special projects. February is the annual Blue and Gold event for Cub Scouting, which requires much of my time. Our youngest son, Mark achieved the Arrow of Light award and will now join his brother in Boy Scouts. I have also been involved in local Azusa city politics, creating websites and doing canvassing for three candidates. The election March 6 will likely determine the direction of our city for many years to come. I encourage other Christians to get involved in the political process.

Answers for Atheists

Lost Tomb of Jesus?

James Cameron is producing a 90-minute film for the Discovery Channel entitled, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” claiming that the actual bones of Jesus of Nazareth were buried in a tomb near Jerusalem. The fact that the inscriptions on the ossuaries date to the beginning of the first century and Jesus and the others died much later, makes it extremely unlikely that “Jeshua” from the “Jesus Tomb” is really Jesus Christ. According to Stephen Pfann, “How possible is it? On a scale of one through 10 - 10 being completely possible - it's probably a one, maybe a one and a half”...

    “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”: Have the Bones of Jesus Christ Been Found in Jerusalem?

Truth and Christianity

Most skeptics want to know the truth about the world and how it works. In discussing Christianity with atheists, I find that most tend to believe that Christians lie and avoid the truth to support their “faith.” While there are ministries and individuals that purposefully suppress the truth and present fallacious information, this kind of behavior is extremely evil and antithetical to biblical Christianity. The God of the Bible is also known as the God of Truth, who desires that all people convey truth to each other at all times. The Christian is to live a life that is established in truth - truth in speaking, in loving, and truth in all one does and thinks. Those who knowingly violate such ideals are in opposition to Christianity...

    Why Do Christians Lie So Much? Truth and Christianity

Sanctity of human life

What is wrong with stem cell research?

Embryonic stem cell research is a hot topic that seems to pit anti-abortion conservatives against pro-abortion liberals. The conservatives claim that there are better alternatives to embryonic stem cells, while the liberals claim that conservatives are blocking research that will provide cures to many tragic diseases. Much of the rhetoric is designed to muddy the waters to invoke emotional responses of those within each camp. This new page is designed to break through sound-bites and go the heart of the matter - what are the scientific issues that impact the question of stem cell research?

    What is Wrong With Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

Biblical creation

Does Old-Earth Creationism Contradict Genesis 1?

In his passion to refute old-earth creationism, Terry Mortenson presents his young-earth interpretations of Genesis 1 as biblical “facts” and criticizes old-earth creationists–calling them “evolutionized Christians” who play “fast and loose with the sacred text.” A better approach to the age of the Earth debate is to avoid name calling and examine arguments on both sides of the issue to see whether they are biblically defensible...

    Does Old-Earth Creationism Contradict Genesis 1?: A Rebuttal to Terry Mortenson's Article “Evolution vs. Creation: the Order of Events Matters”


Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

We get very attached to our pets. Wouldn't it be nice if there were with us in heaven? Many people speculate that since our loving animals are a good thing that God would include them in heaven. The Bible does not directly address the issue of dogs and cats in heaven, but scripture suggests that our pets won't be present. Why would God take away something we think of as good? When Jesus was explaining heaven to others, He used parables to “picture the kingdom of God”. What does this picture look like? Jesus compares the extremely small mustard seed (representing life on earth) to the full grown mustard plant (representing heaven). Therefore, what we consider to be good is virtually nothing in comparison to what God has prepared for those who love Him.

    Do All Dogs Go to Heaven? Will Our Pets Be With Us in Heaven?

Marijuana and Christians

The Christians and marijuana page has become very popular and I have been receiving emails on a weekly basis. Most emails are from Christians who think it is okay to smoke marijuana. So, I have updated the page and added more arguments. Hedonism is alive and well in the Christian church!

    Is It Okay for Christians to Use Marijuana and Other Drugs?

Upcoming pages

I have begun to work on a rebuttal to Richard Dawkins' second chapter of The God Delusion. After completion, I intend to skip ahead to what Dawkins claims is his irrefutable argument against God's existence, “The Ultimate 747.” A second page stemming from one of Dawkins' claims is called, “Did Paul Invent Christianity? Is the Founder of the Christian Religion Paul of Tarsus or Jesus of Nazareth?” Both pages should be completed by mid-March at the latest. Signup for Feedblitz e-mail notification (below) to find out when these new articles are online.

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