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GodAndScience.org is enjoying its third month on its own virtual private server and things are going well. I have spent much of the last two months cleaning up the code for the website and improving the graphics. GodAndScience.org was first developed when virtually all web surfers were using dialup at 28 k. At that time, the graphics were small and low quality to allow faster page loading. This month was spent updating some of the graphics, especially the pictures of the universe. Through the magic of CSS, thumbnails are being added to pages that automatically display a higher resolution image on mouseover (try the image at right). If you want the technical information on how this is done, click here.

Answers for Atheists

God of the Gaps?

Many skeptics believe that as science makes more discoveries, the gaps in our knowledge of how the universe works become fewer in number. Accordingly, science will eventually discover all the answers, and there will be no need for God as an explanation for anything. Does this principle reflect the current state of our scientific knowledge? Is there any need for God as an explanation for our existence? More...

    God of the Gaps - Do All Christian Apologetics Fall Into This Kind of Argument?

Why are Scientists Atheists?

A larger percentage of scientists in the United Stated are atheists compared to the general population. Do they disbelieve in the existence of God because of their intelligence, knowledge, and academic studies? The results of a recent study show that more mundane matters, such as marital status, children, and family of origin relate more to the scientists' atheism. In addition, those scientists who are cohabiting tend to believe "there is very little truth in any religion" compared to those who are married. More...

    Why are Most Scientists Atheists If There is Evidence for Belief in God?

Biblical Authenticity

Old Testament Detail Confirmed

Does the Bible contain real history or is it just made-up fiction? A recent discovery of a sixth century BC cuneiform tablet goes a long way to confirm the accuracy of biblical narrative accounts. Specifically, an Assyrian cuneiform tablet dated to 595 BC confirms one of the minor details about an obscure official from the court of King Nebuchadnezzar II, mentioned in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah...

    Cuneiform Receipt from King Nebuchadnezzar's Court Confirms Detail of Old Testament Book of Jeremiah

Design vs. Evolution

Evolution and Genesis

Guest author, Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D., author of Origin of the Human SpeciesOrigin of the Human Species, examines the relationship between science and Genesis - specifically, the creation of modern human beings. Dr. Bonnette concludes that "intelligent, well-educated, reasonable Christians even today have good cause to believe those fundamental truths revealed by God in the first three chapters of Genesis." More...

    Must Human Evolution Contradict Genesis?

New Hubble Photos

More Hubble photographs of the universe have been added, with higher resolution images. Check out the slideshow or the thumbnail version for solar system objects, stars, galaxies, and nebulae...

    Pictures of the Universe Slideshow

    Tour the Universe Thumbnails

Hubble Greeting Cards

The Hubble greeting card selection has been updated, along with the option of adding of music to your card. Send a card to your loved one or maybe a co-worker...

    Out of This World E-Cards

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