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I have launched a new project and website called "Christian Evidence" (www.evidence.info). The purpose of the website is to provide links to the best apologetics materials available on the Internet. GodAndScience.org has a fair amount of science apologetics materials, but is quite weak in other areas of apologetics. The amount of quality Christian apologetics materials on the Internet is amazing, although many Christians find it difficult to distinguish between the legitimate and poor quality material. Google, although it will find lots of Christian apologetics materials, will also pull up material that should not be used in witnessing. Hence, there is a need for a hand-edited apologetics resource that screens out the bad materials while presenting material that you can trust for your personal witnessing needs. FocalMedia.net (a Christian-owned software company) has donated their premiere portal software for use on the new site to make it easy to add and update links. My hope is that many of you will want to get involved. Just go to Christian Evidence, register, select a category, and add your favorite apologetics links to the directory. If each person who receives this newsletter adds just one link, there will be over 1,600 apologetics resources added to the directory.

Christian Evidence

Book Review

A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview TestEver since I attended a Reasons To Believe conference in 2000, I have been fascinated with the approach Ken Samples has taken for testing worldviews for truth. The wait is finally over and A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test is now published. One of the long-term goals of Reasons To Believe has been to provide a comprehensive, testable Christian creation model, and A World of Difference adds a philosophical piece to that testable creation model. More...

    Book Review: A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test

Answers for Atheists

Why Christianity?

In his 1985 Gifford Lectures, Carl Sagan laid out a way to test one aspect of religious truth claims for Christianity vs. Hinduism and predicted that the results would be known within the next decade. It turned out that Sagan was correct, and the scientific data confirmed the truth of the Christian creation account. Although not all religious truth claims are testable, enough are so that a conscientious skeptic can verify or falsify the claims of the world's major religions. When compared to the other religions, the claims of Christianity stand the tests for truth. More...

    Is Christianity True? Evidence for the Truth of the Christian Religion

Christian Hypocrites?

One of the major complaints non-believers level against Christianity is that the churches are full of hypocrites. A new page examines what Jesus and the Bible has to say about hypocrisy among those who claim to be Christians. More...

    Hypocrites Defined: What About Hypocrisy in the Christian Church?

Atheists' Morality

Proponents of the "New Atheism" claim that atheism is morally superior to theism and that the world would be a better place with only atheists. A new Canadian study raises doubts about that claim. Specifically, the survey found that there was a vast difference between what theists and atheists thought were "very important" values. Christian values such as patience, forgiveness, and generosity were not rated as being very important by the majority of atheists. More...

    Are Atheists and Theists Morally Equivalent?

Biblical Authenticity

Jezebel's Seal

According to the Old Testament books of first and second Kings, Jezebel, led her husband King Ahab and the nation of Israel astray through her idolatry. A new study claims that Jezebel's royal seal has been found and identified through its inscriptions. More...

    Seal of Queen Jezebel Confirms Her Existence from the Old Testament Books of the Kings

Christian Theology

Christians and Satan

I received an email from a fellow Christian who didn't like one of the answers in our Basic Christian Theology Quiz. Specifically, he stated that Christians had already overcome Satan through Jesus Christ, so Christians didn't really need to memorize the scriptures to overcome him. To my shock, I realized that I hadn't written anything about Satan for the God and Science website. The new page examines who Satan is, what his plans are, and how we can overcome him. More...

    Have Christians Already Overcome Satan? - The Importance of the Word of God in the Life of the Believer

Design vs. Evolution

Genesis a Fairy Tale?

Guest author, Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D., author of Origin of the Human SpeciesOrigin of the Human Species, examines the claim that Genesis is merely a fairy tale. Proponents of Darwinian evolution claim that it contradicts the existence of Adam and Eve, and by association, original sin, the fall, the need for a Redeemer and ultimately, the need for God as Creator. However, a proper interpretation of the scientific record, along with scripture shows that the Genesis account is not unreasonable. More...

    Did Darwin Prove Genesis a Fairy Tale?

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