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There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His MindProfessor Antony Flew and co-author Abraham Varghese have written a book, There Is a God, describing Flew's "conversion" from atheism to deism. Although Flew grew up as the son of a preacher, the problem of evil and Flew's academic studies led him to disbelieve in God's existence. The book seems to be an honest examination of what Flew has changed his mind about and where he is still convinced that God could not be personally involved in human lives. Will Antony Flew become a Christian? In the book, he indicates that he is still open to Christianity, although there are many issues to resolve before that becomes a possibility. The book is quite readable without being overly technical, so it is recommended for all readers of this site. More...

    Book Review: There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by Antony Flew

Answers for Atheists

Religion as child abuse

In The God Delusion and other writings,1 Richard Dawkins claims that teaching children about religion (specifically, the doctrine of hell) is a form of child abuse that scars children for life. Accordingly, Dawkins states, "Priestly groping of child bodies is disgusting. But it may be less harmful in the long run than priestly subversion of child minds." Conspicuously absent in his writings are any published studies documenting that teaching children religious principles might adversely affect them. A new study completely blows Dawkins's hypothesis out of the water, since it shows that teens receiving religious instruction are better socially adjusted than those who don't. Maybe not teaching children religious principles is really a form of child abuse! More...

    Is the Teaching of Religion Really a Form of Child Abuse?

Does God repent?

I received an email from a skeptic saying that if God repented, as the Bible said, then God must be a sinner. According to the King James English translation, God "repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people." Does this mean that God was thinking about sinning, but turned from that sin? Does God really repent from doing evil? More...

    Does the Bible Say God Repents From Doing Evil?

Design vs. Evolution

Out of Africa?

Numerous genetic studies over the last few decades have shown that human genetic diversity is greatest within African populations, leading scientists to proclaim that modern human populations originated in Africa. However, the Bible says that humans were created in Eden, which is described as being in or near Mesopotamia. Can we stretch the biblical creation narrative to place Eden in Africa or is it possible that the science is wrong? Alternatively, is the Bible just wrong about where humans originated? More...

    Out of Africa or Out of Eden: Does Science Contradict the Bible?

All about DNA

All about DNA I have produced a new page that is a quick introduction to molecular biology. There are numerous references to DNA, RNA and proteins on this site. In order to understand those pages, a basic understanding of how these molecules interact is necessary. This description is a very simplified version of what actually happens within a cell, including numerous diagrams and animations. Brush up on your understanding of molecular biology and impress your friends. More...

    Molecular Biology Primer: All About DNA

Biblical Creation

Six days of creation

The Six Days of Creation PDFGuest author, Jon Greene examines scripture to determine what the days of Genesis looked like. Also included is a brief history of young earth creationism and animal death before the fall. More...

    The Six Days of Creation: A Closer Look at Scripture

Sanctity of human life

Stem cells from skin

Scientists have reprogrammed adult skin cells by introducing certain genes that have been turned off into those cells, producing what are now called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which grow very much like embryonic stem cells. The fact that human iPS cells have been produced in at least three different laboratories within a few months after the initial animal studies shows that the technique is robust and easily reproducible. In contrast, the competing technique, human somatic cell nuclear transfer (cloning), has never been transferred from animal studies to human application, despite years of attempts. At this point, it seems likely that the iPS technique will soon replace ESC as the preferred means of generating human stem cell lines. More...

    Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS) from Human Skin: Probable Replacement for Embryonic Stem Cells

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