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On February 12, 2009, Darwin Day will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the founder of modern evolutionary theory. Reasons To Believe will be sponsoring a number of events to present the other side of the story. I will be speaking at a number of high schools, along with many other RTB apologists. Since we will be speaking mostly at secular schools, the presentations will be restricted to the discussion of science as it relates to Darwin's theories. If you are interested in scheduling an RTB speaker for your high school/junior high school in Southern California (and possibly other areas that have RTB Chapters), please contact me or Reasons To Believe directly.


I have found a local supplier, Scriptshirtz, for custom t-shirts. You will soon be able to order a God and Science t-shirt for your own personal witness. The t-shirts will be offered at cost, so we don't want you to buy them to support the ministry. We really want you to wear them and engage in dialog with those you meet. More information will be available in the next newsletter once we do all the state of California paperwork. Please see our preview:

     Evidence for God T-Shirts

Answers for Atheists

Atheism & Morality

Atheism does not lead to increased immoral behavior according to the writings of many atheists. In theory at least, one can be be morally responsible atheist. However, in practice, does atheism/agnosticism encourage or discourage a higher level of moral behavior? A survey taken by the The Barna Group  demonstrates that, on average, atheists commit nearly fives times as much immoral behavior as evangelical Christians for 8 negative behaviors included in the survey. In addition to pointing out the moral failures of atheism, the survey destroys the atheistic belief that all behavior is deterministic, since it is clear that Christians and atheists make vastly different moral choices. More...

    Atheism Doesn't Lead to Immoral Behavior - Or Does It?

Biblical authenticity

Solomon's copper mines

Minimalists in archeology say that the events of the early Hebrew kingdoms in the Hebrew Old Testament were mostly made up. Many skeptics believe that the kingdoms of David and Solomon did not exist because of the paucity of archeological evidence from that era. However, recent excavations at Tel Rehov are pushing back the dates for the occupation of the biblical lands. Now, excavations in Jordon reveal extensive copper smelting both before and during the reign of Solomon. More...

    Carbon-14 Dating of Copper Smelting in Edom (Jordan) Confirm Biblical Date of King Solomon's Kingdom

Christian Life Issues

Celebrate Christmas?

For most Christians, the question of celebrating Christmas would never come up. However, a number of Christians throughout the history of Christianity have objected to the celebration of Christmas, especially since there is no record of the Church celebrating Christmas in the Bible. Should we celebrate Christmas? More...

    Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Worship on Sunday or Saturday?

Guest author Wes Ringer, a former Seventh Day Adventist, examines the Christian tradition of Sunday worship. Seventh Day Adventists insist that all Christians must worship on Saturday, the traditional Jewish Sabbath, citing Revelation 1:10 as supporting their theology. More...

    Should Christians Worship on Saturday or Sunday? "The Lord's Day": An Analysis of the Meaning of the Phrase in Revelation 1:10


Google webmaster tools

GodAndScience.org has been fairly successful in getting ranked by Google, which is probably how most of you found our site. Since a number of our subscribers publish their own websites to witness for Jesus, I have written a new page on the topic of search engine optimization. The truth is that optimizing web pages for Google is no secret. It all involves attention to detail. However, now Google itself helps webmasters to optimize their pages by removing errors and correcting suboptimal pages. If you have a website, signing up for Google's Webmaster Tools is a must do. More...

    Google Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) using Google's Webmaster Tools

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