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It's been a tough time for the ministry since the last newsletter. My HP laptop (which I do all correspondence and website preparation during my vanpool commute) completely died. Even though the computer was out-of-warranty, it was on an HP list for a covered repair (due to system board failure). However, the computer also had display problems (vertical lines in the screen), one of the hinges was broken, and the battery was dead, none of which were covered by the system board problem. However, to my surprise, when my computer was returned, HP had fixed all of the problems and replaced the battery, at no cost, even though the computer was out-of-warranty. They even paid for FedEx shipping both ways. Way to go HP!

On January 30-31 the godandscience.org website was shutdown with a denial of service attack from a computer operated within the government offices of the nation of South Africa. The timing coincided with the release of the Genetics and Homosexuality article (see below). It seems that we have made enemies in high places. However, we have Friends in even higher places.

My wife Carole is going to be treated with radiation therapy on the left side of her brain for a brain tumor that has begun to grow again in that location. Click to read more about Carole's brain tumor. So, please continue to pray for the ministry.

Book Review

More than a theory

More Than a Theory: Revealing a Testable Model for CreationIn the fifth book of his testable creation series, Hugh Ross (Reasons To Believe) examines the entire sweep of creation as a basis for a testable creation model. If you are interested in getting started with the RTB creation model, this is the book with which to begin your reading. Dr. Ross introduces the topic of the RTB testable creation model by examining scientific complaints against creationism and intelligent design. Ross agrees that young earth creationism fails the test of scientific validity, whereas intelligent design (ID) lacks a model that provides any kind of predictive component. In addition, ID, under the "big tent" approach, has failed to repudiate the scientific unsoundness of young earth creationism. More...

     Book Review: More Than a Theory: Revealing a Testable Model for Creation by Hugh Ross

Answers for Atheists

Errors in biblical cosmology?

In November of last year, Reasons To Believe Orange County Chapter held a lecture by noted skeptic Michael Shermer, which he entitled "Reasons Not To Believe." Despite Mr. Shermer's reputation, his lecture was absolutely awful, being filled with numerous atheistic claims that had been refuted many times in the past. One of Mr. Shermer's claims was that the Bible teaches an ancient cosmology that says that the the earth was a flat disk with pillars that held a rotating solid sky dome overhead, which carried the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars and allowed water to leak through the 'windows of heaven' to form clouds and rain. Although I had a couple paragraphs about this claim on the site, I wanted to provide a more thorough, academic treatment of the subject. Not surprisingly, many ancients did believe in a form of this erroneous cosmology. However, does the Bible teach this? More...

    The Bible Teaches That the Heavens Were a Solid Dome, Embedded with Stars?

Design vs. evolution

Origin of homochirality

I have been wanting to write an article that would provide a thorough review of scientists' efforts to find a naturalistic explanation for the origin of A property of an optically active compound to consist of only one enantiomer (left or right-handed form).homochirality. The article has taken a few months to produce because all of the reading required to review the current and past literature on the subject. Although scientists have thought of all kinds of clever ways to attempt to coax chemicals to produce single mirror forms of A group of 20 different kinds of small molecules that link together in long chains to form proteins. Often referred to as the "building blocks" of proteins.amino acids and sugars, these experiments just go to show that extreme design and intelligence is required to produce the biochemistry that runs biological systems. More...

    The Origin of Homochirality: A Major Problem for Origin of Life Theories

Origin of homosexuality

Due to last year's elections and California's Proposition 8, we received numerous additional website visits from the cities of West Hollywood and San Francisco. What has been missing on the website is an unbiased examination of the evidence supporting/refuting a genetic/biological basis for homosexuality. In searching the Internet, most of the popular articles (and even many of the scientific reviews) are highly biased. The popular media have reported studies that support a biological basis for homosexuality, but have failed to report later studies (often larger and better designed) that contradict those studies. The result is that most laypersons believe that homosexuality has a proven genetic basis. However...

    Genetics and Homosexuality: Are People Born Gay?

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