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This is a somewhat abbreviated newsletter, since I have spent almost the entire two months working on The Medical 'Benefits' of Smoking Marijuana paper. If you are using marijuana or knows somebody who who thinks it's harmless, you might want to take a look at what the new research has revealed (see below).

I have reorganized the Answers for Atheists section of the website into subsections to more easily find what you are looking for. Let me know what you think:

A Romanian friend of the ministry has begun to translate some of our articles into Romanian and post them on his apologetics website dumnezeuestedragoste.blogspot.com. We encourage you to send your Romanian friends there.

My wife Carole is going to be treated with chemotherapy for a brain tumor that has begun to grow again. Click to read more about Carole's brain tumor. So, please continue to pray for the ministry.


"Medical" Marijuana?

I have received numerous complaints about my page on Christians and Marijuana and have wanted to write a page about the medical effects of marijuana (cannabis) for a number of years. After finishing the page on Genetics and Homosexuality I felt compelled to work on the Medical effects of marijuana page. About halfway through my writing, the California Assembly introduced a bill to legalize marijuana and tax it to help get the state out of its budget problems. I am sure that my legislators are probably unaware of the most recent medical research on marijuana (or maybe they suffering from the effects of excessive usage!). It turns out that marijuana's medical use is pretty limited at this point, while research on its detrimental side effects shows that it's not quite as harmless as its proponents would claim. More...

    The Medical 'Benefits' of Smoking Marijuana: a Review of the Current Scientific Literature

Answers for Atheists

Why all the Bible verses?

From my browsing of skeptical discussion boards, it seems that the most common objection to GodAndScience.org is that it extensively cites the Bible on most of its pages. Their complaint is that citing the Bible is stupid, because everybody knows that the Bible is false. Regardless of what you believe about the veracity of the Bible, as a skeptic, you need to pay attention to the Bible citations, since this is how you will evaluate the validity of arguments presented on this site. More...

    Why Does This Site Quote So Many Bible Verses? I Don't Believe the Bible Anyway

Christian theology

Dancing with the broom

Laura, our floor's custodian, came in and started sweeping the floor of our laboratory. At some point, some other scientists came into the room, bustling around setting up experiments. Laura, sensing she was somewhat in the way, apologized, saying, "Don't mind me. I'm just dancing with the broom." The implication was that we scientists were doing the important work, while she was doing the unimportant job of cleaning up. Behind this idea is the closely associated one that says that some people are more important than others because of what they contribute to society. Thus, doctors, sports stars, and movie stars are almost revered as gods (and some of them think they are!). However, God judges the importance of people using a far different scale. More...

    Dancing with the Broom: Your Worth in the Eyes of God vs. How Others See You

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