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We have been on Facebook for a while, but I haven't really publicized it. I have been using our Facebook page as a sort of mini-blog. Pages on the God and Science website are updated on a constant basis, whenever new studies are published. Most of these updates don't make the newsletter, but I have been including them on our Facebook page for those who might be interested in the latest research that impacts articles previously published on the website. So, take a look and become a "fan" of the ministry:

   God and Science on Facebook

Logos software has a free JavaScript tool (RefTagger) that automatically finds verse citations and creates a popup link that displays the verse in your favorite translation (go to the Help Page to change the default translation version). It is very cool. If you have your own website or blog, it is a great addition to your site.

My wife Carole has just finished her fifth round of chemotherapy for a brain tumor that had begun to grow again. An MRI yesterday showed that the tumor is still dormant. Thank you for your prayers.


Dana Chaffin, a guest author for the ministry, has been very busy, having reviewed four movies:

Set Apart

Set ApartSet Apart is a movie about Christian ministries in action. This film mixes comedy and Wild West action to get across a powerful message. More...

    Movie Review: Set Apart Movie

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel

Lost & Found FamilyMandie and the Secret Tunnel is set in North Carolina in the early 1900s. The character of Mandie is a curious young girl with qualities of Laura Ingalls, Nancy Drew, and Cinderella, all in one. Mandie feels alone without 'real' family after her father passes away. More...

    Movie Review: Mandie and the Secret Tunnel

The Widow's Might

The Widow's MightOn October 1, 2009 The Widow’s Might was released on DVD. It has something for the whole family – comedy, adventure, drama, action, western, and musical all in one film. It has very strong Christian values. This movie is awarded the Dove "Family- Approved" Seal for all ages. The story of the movie is heartwarming and the story of the filmmakers is surprising. More...

    Movie Review: The Widow’s Might


Malatya DVDOctober 20, 2009 is the second DVD release date for the stunning documentary Malatya. This is a true story of persecution and perseverance. Three Christian men were brutally tortured and murdered, in Malatya Turkey, for their faith in Jesus Christ. More...

    Movie Review: Malatya: True Story of Modern Day Martyrs

Answers for Atheists

Cain's wife

The Bible indicates that Adam and Eve's first son, Cain, slew his younger brother Abel because of jealousy over the acceptance of his brother's offering over his own. Immediately after being banished to the east in the land of Nod, Cain's wife gave birth and raised a family and Cain founded a "city" called Enoch. If Cain was the firstborn of Adam and Abel the second, then how could Cain have found a wife and built a city? More...

    Where Did Cain Get His Wife?: What About Inbreeding?

Just war

Gerald Draayer (Gman from the Discussion Board) has written an article on what the Bible says about war, based upon his research and some of the discussions that took place on the topic on the board. Most people would probably agree that war is evil. It's a destroyer of life, families, and in many cases the innocent. War does not just cause physical torment, but much emotional torment, as well. More...

    God and War: What the Bible Says About the Just War Theory


Natural evil & God

Natural Evil and the Existence of GodAs a member of the Paradoxes Sunday School class at my church, I do occasional teaching when Dr. Hugh Ross is out of town. On October 18, I gave a talk on the subject of natural evil and the existence of God. Al, the resident atheist of the class was asking his usual critical questions until about halfway through the talk when he became very quiet. By that point is was becoming increasingly apparent that the atheists' argument against God's existence from the presence of natural evil was spurious, since natural evil is a rare consequence of the laws of physics and the design of the earth that make the existence of spiritual beings possible at all. The presentation (available as Flash or PowerPoint) consists of dozens of animations and graphics that make the information easy to understand. The audio recording is also available as an MP3 file that can be played as you watch the slides. More...

    Does the Presence of Natural Evil Preclude the Existence of God: A Christian Response

Christian theology

Babies who die

Do all babies who die go to heaven? Or has God predestined some for heaven, while the rest go to hell? The Bible says God will judge all people, so this must include babies and young children. How does God judge between one baby and another? Does He judge by how much they cry or spit up?  Since God is omniscient (all knowing), does He judge on the basis of what they would have done had they lived an entire life? More...

    What Happens to Infants and Children Who Die? Do Babies Go To Heaven?

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