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Donate to World Vision's Haiti Earthquake ReliefWe encourage you to donate to Haiti earthquake relief efforts, even at this point, since the people are going to need help to rebuild for years to come. We have provided a link to World Vision's Haiti relief efforts on every page, so you can donate the help the Haitian people. Please see our take on "where was God" during this earthquake below.

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Avatar DVDAvatar is one of the most amazing movies every made. However good the movie is, it could have been much better. It also contains some decidedly New Age theology, which is divergent from Christianity. Although the planet and its creatures are quite creative, the science in Avatar is often contradictory. For instance, the Na'vi large eyes suggest a nocturnal lifestyle, although they all sleep at night. Their tails are quite long, but don't seem to perform any significant function, other than possible balance. However, most of the time, the tails just trailed behind them, unlike what one would see when watching monkeys. More...

    Avatar Movie Review: What's Wrong With It?

Book of Eli

Book of Eli DVDI saw the trailer for the Book of Eli and was not particularly impressed. My eldest son, Matthew wanted to go see it, but I told him it just looked like a lot of violence. So, I went to Rotten Tomatoes, and saw that the movie had just an average rating. However, in reading the reviews, it was very strange that reviewers either really loved it or really hated it. Strange, I thought. It turned out that the Book of Eli is an overtly Christian movie. More...

    Book of Eli Movie Review

Treasure Blind

Treasure Blind DVDCloud Ten Pictures presents, Treasure Blind, an award winning family film available on DVD. This film was written and directed by Brian Shoop who also stars as Cliff. The story is about Cliff, a cab driver and amateur treasure hunter from Tulsa, Oklahoma who finds the meaning of "real" treasure. This is an exciting adventure to find treasure and repair past relationships. More...

    Movie Review: Treasure Blind

Answers for atheists

Haiti earthquake

On January 12, 2010 a strong earthquake struck the small island nation of Haiti. The capitol city, Port-au-Prince was nearly leveled and over 200,000 people died. Atheists claim that if a god did exist, he would not allow these kinds of natural disasters to happen. Their answer to the question, "Where was God?" is "Nowhere!" Some Christians (most prominently, Pat Robertson) claim that the earthquake is God's righteous judgment because Haiti's people, "swore a pact to the devil." Did God judge the Haitians or does He even exist? More...

    Haiti Earthquake Kills Over 200,000: Where was God?

Design vs. evolution


Although previous genetic studies had suggested that human-chimpanzee differences were greater than first thought, the latest sequencing data is a bombshell. The human Y chromosome is dramatically different from that of our "nearest living relative," the chimpanzee - up to 50% different. The sequence is so different, that if it had occurred in an autosomal chromosome, such a change would represent that seen between chickens and humans over a period of 310 million years. Described as being "horrendously different," the sequence change is virtually unexplainable over the 6-7 million years between the hypothesized chimp-human split. More...

    Human Y Chromosome: 'horrendously different' from Nearest Living 'Relative'

Ancient tracks

Evolutionary biologist thought they had the transition from marine to terrestrial environments completely figured out. Descendants of bony lobe-finned fish, such as Eusthenopteron (385 million years ago), evolved into the first tetrapods (four-legged animals), such as Panderichthys, and Tiktaalik (375 million years ago), which had limb-like fins that could be used to venture onto land, eventually culminating in Ichthyostega, which had actual limbs (365 million years ago). These creatures, along with numerous other tetrapod "intermediates" formed one of the best examples of Darwinian evolution in action. Everything fit together until...

    Tetrapod Tracks Overturn Reigning Evolutionary Theory on Fish-Tetrapod Transition

Biblical Authenticity

Ancient Hebrew

Many skeptics claim that the Bible wasn't written until the fifth century B.C. or later, since ancient Hebrew wasn't even in existence until then. However, a discovery three years ago and the current discovery show written Hebrew was in existence by the 10th century, B.C. The archaeological site of Khirbet Qeiyafa is the location of a massively fortified city of megalithic stones 6-9 ft tall.  In 2008, two city gates were discovered, which was very unusual for cities of that time (which usually had only one gate). This unusual characteristic clearly identified the city as being the biblical Sha‛ărayim, which has the meaning of "double gate." More...

    10th Century Hebrew Inscription on Pottery from Khirbet Qeiyafa, Israel Confirms Biblical Claims



Climategate Flash PresentationI taught another Paradoxes Sunday School class at my church, this time on the subject of "Climategate." The talk explores what the fuss is about and what the scientists who wrote the emails were trying to hide.  In addition, the presentation examines the data behind global warming and how past predictions have compared to actual warming trends. A final section examines global warming myths and what the real data says. The presentation is available as a Flash or PowerPoint format. The audio recording is also available as an MP3 file that can be played as you watch the slides. More...

    Climategate: Is Global Warming Completely Made-Up?

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I am currently involved in a local political issue, which is taking up 100% of my free time. A large mining company (Vulcan Materials) is attempting to strip mine more of our local mountains, only a few thousand feet from a residential neighborhood and school. If the Planning Commission and City Council deny the plan, I could be back online by May. If not, this issue will drag out for another 6 months or more as we circulate a petition to let the voters decide the issue. Thank you for your prayers for a rapid end to this issue!

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