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As most of you know, my wife Carole has had a brain tumor for 15 years. In early November, she had to be admitted to the hospital, suffering from an inability to walk and converse normally. Although the doctors didn't find a specific cause, she has been having more severe seizures. Carole is now home and receiving physical therapy, which has allowed her to get around, and is slowly continuing to improve. Your prayers for us are appreciated.


"180" movie

180 MovieRay Comfort has produced a new 33 minute movie that is worth watching, if you haven't already seen it. The movie examines attitudes toward what happened during the Jewish Holocaust and the current abortion Holocaust. Several Jewish groups were very unhappy that Christians had the nerve to compare the Holocaust deaths of 6 million Jews to the deaths of 55 million souls through abortion. Warning: the movie is not suitable for children, since it contains disturbing images. Find out what the controversy is about.

    "180" Movie

Christian theology

The Trinity

The concept of the Trinity seems to be more maligned all the time. Last month I received a number of complaints about my stance on the Trinity. "The word Trinity is not found in the Bible" seems to be the standard mantra. Well, the word "gravity" is not found in the Bible either, so is it a heretical concept? One guy thought there were two separate gods—The Son and the Father. Another was convinced that Jesus could not be God and the the Holy Spirit wasn't really anything other than God's Spirit (even though the Bible says God is Spirit, making the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God's Spirit—a dizzying proposition!). There are actually hundreds of verses that support the doctrine of the Trinity. As a Christian, you are going to be challenged on the Trinity at some point in your spiritual walk, so you best be prepared. More...

    The Trinity: The Oneness and Plurality of God

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has been a popular NFL quarterback since being drafted by the NFL Denver Broncos after winning the Heisman Trophy. Although a stellar quarterback in college, his throwing abilities are not as strong as those of other top NFL quarterbacks. Still he finds a way to win games—and give praise to Jesus Christ, which is probably why NFL fans seem to either love him or hate him. Are Tebow's performances a result of his religious belief? Does God really care about football? More...

    Tim Tebow: Does God Really Care About Football?

Forgiveness & Judaism

Eva Kor created an international controversy when she forgave Dr. Josef Mengele and the Nazis of killing her family and using her as a human guinea pig at the Auschwitz death camp. When Eva Kor gave a talk at Cedars-Sinai last month, she sparked a huge discussion throughout the medical center. How could she dare forgive the Nazis! More...

    Forgiveness: Why Judaism Fails to Understand God

Design vs. Evolution

Earth's atmosphere

The standard assumption in origin of life research has been that the primordial earth had a reducing atmosphere, which favors prebiotic chemistry. Although more recent studies have suggested this assumption might not be true, a Nature study now directly shows that the earth did not have a reducing atmosphere up to 4.35 billion years ago—even before the beginning of the late heavy bombardment and the first evidence for the origin of life. The new study also explains why there is no evidence for a prebiotic soup (non-biologic carbon deposits) in the earth's earliest rocks. This study flew "under the radar" of the news media, although it represents the death knell for abiogenesis theories on Earth. More...

    Origin of Life: Earth's Early Atmosphere Wasn't Reducing

Early eye design

The Cambrian explosion has been a scientific mystery for many years. During a period of time less than 10 million years long, virtually all the modern phyla of animals appeared in the fossil record, including chordates (animals with backbones). Newly discovered fossils from the Cambrian now add to the mystery. A giant (up to 1 meter long) fossil of a shrimp-like crustacean found on Kangaroo Island, Australia, reveals a supreme predator with grasping claws and suburb eyesight. In fact, the creature's eyesight was likely superior to those of its modern-day cousins. More...

    Early Design in Eyes from Shrimp-like Anomalocaris

Abortion/Sanctity of life

Informed consent: not that!

The North Carolina General Assembly passed the "Woman’s Right to Know Act," which was supposed to go into effect on October 26, 2011. The act modifies the informed consent requirements for a woman seeking an abortion by requiring providers to make certain information available to a woman seeking an abortion at least 24 hours in advance of the procedure, and to perform an ultrasound at least four hours in advance of the procedure, during which time the provider must make the images produced from the ultrasound visible to the patient and must describe to the patient the images seen on the ultrasound. The requirements seem innocuous enough, but abortion advocates know that informed consent is the last thing they want to tell a patient who is paying for an abortion. More...

    North Carolina's "Woman’s Right to Know Act,": Informed Consent for Abortion?

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