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I received an email from a very arrogant skeptic who has been writing different ministries trying to annoy them. I told him that his skeptical worldview was being overturned by science and sent him links to our recent articles on Earth's Early Atmosphere (last email update) and Something Instead of Nothing (current newsletter). Of course, he didn't read articles, but rebutted them anyway (which he got completely wrong). When I pointed out his errors, he wrote back saying, "Hey Richard, you ####### #######, stop sending me your emails." These are powerful new arguments that skeptics do not have an answer for. Try them out on your own skeptical friends.

Several new manuscript discoveries have been made, which will greatly strengthen the case for the authenticity of the Bible. Although still unpublished, some hints about the content can be found at "Earliest Copy of Mark Found?" We will provide a more complete report of these finds when they are published. Stay tuned.


Answers in Creation

Answers in CreationAnswers in Creation is a Christian ministry devoted to providing evidence for the validity of the Christian faith from science and support for the old earth interpretation of the scriptures. A major component of the ministry is a critical analysis of young earth claims. After 9 years of ministry, Answers in Creation has received the notice of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. In his October 2011 newsletter, Ken Ham accused Answers in Creation of choosing "a name that is obviously designed to mimic (and even be confused with) Answers in Genesis." Answers in Genesis followed up this accusation with a letter to the ministry from their attorneys telling them to change their name (with the implied threat that failure to do so might result in legal action). However, Answers in Creation has used their name for the last 9 years, with virtually no prior notice by AIG. However, with the rapid increase in popularity of Answers in Creation, Christians are beginning to realize that young earth creationism lacks scientific merit. By forcing Answers in Creation to change their name (and URL), Answers in Genesis is hoping to silence their main opponent. I want to encourage you to check out the wealth of resources available from Answers in Creation, and pray for the ministry, with the possible attempt by AIG to silence Answers in Creation.

    Answers in Creation

Biblical creation

Refutation of young earth creationism

The standard mantra of young earth creationists is that they hold to the scriptures, while old earth creationists are the "compromisers." Answers in Genesis claims that their interpretation of Genesis is correct and that all others are wrong. They would like Christians to ignore the much more detailed creation descriptions in Psalm 104, Job 38-39, and Proverbs 8, which contradicts their interpretation of Genesis one. We have created a page that compares all the major creation passages side by side, showing how they support the old earth creation interpretation. For a background on the old earth interpretation of Genesis, see Genesis 1: The Literal Interpretation of the Creation Account. More...

    Refutation of Young Earth Creationism from the Scriptures

Answers for atheists

Prayer for healing?

We've all seen faith healers stand in front of a crowd while members of the audience go up to be instantly healed through touch and prayer. Medical documentation of these kinds of healings is usually lacking, and at least some these "healings" have been shown to have been faked. Why haven't doctors done a scientific study of these healings? Well, now they have! More...

    Prayer for Healing: What Does Science Say?

Aberrant theology

Nostradamus predictions?

What is really sad in the year 2012 is that our 2012 prophecy page gets more hits than our home page. Everybody seems to be looking for Nostradamus prophecies related to 2012. So, we now have a page that specifically discusses the "prophecies" of Nostradamus. He is supposed for having predicted the French Revolution, Napoleon, Adolph Hitler, the atomic bomb, 9-11 atrocity, JFK and RFK Assassinations. If you liked our 2012 prophecy page you will really like our Nostradamus page. More...

    Who Was Nostradamus? Was He the Greatest Prophet of Modern Times?

The Nostradamus Quiz list six prophetic "fulfillments" that you have to match to one of seven real predictions by Nostradamus. How contrived are these "prophecies?" The average score on this multiple guess quiz is just 33%! See if you can do better. Did Nostradamus really predict anything?

    Nostradamus Predictions Quiz

Design vs. Evolution

Something instead of nothing?

A theist and anti-theist are arguing about the existence of God. The theist has discussed the anthropic principle (that the universe is designed to support human life), but isn't getting very far and decides to use his "ultimate" question to stump the atheist; "Why is there something instead of nothing?" Instead of getting the blank stare he expects, the theist is bombarded with a slew of science that "proves" that universes can be created from nothing. The theist is left stammering—defeated again by science and logic. Should Christians pack up their Bibles and go home? More...

    Why is There Something Instead of Nothing?

Multicellular evolution in days?

For billions of years, life on earth consisted solely of single-celled microorganisms. Originally these microorganisms were prokaryotes (bacteria and Archaea), followed then by eukaryotes (cells with nuclei). Multicellular eukaryotes did not appear until 1,000 to 650 million years ago. The fact that it took about three billion years to go from unicellular to multicellular organisms suggests that the transition was not a trivial one. However, scientists have announced that they have accomplished the same task in a mere 60 days.1 Or did they? More...

    Did Scientists Evolve a Multicellular Organism from a Single-Celled Organism?

Kepler 22b habitable?

NASA has made an announcement of finding the first "earth-like" planet in the middle of the star's habitable zone through the Kepler satellite, which finds planets through stellar dimming during transits. To date (2012), over 700 extrasolar planets have been confirmed to exist, although Kepler has a potential list of over 2,000 more. The current announcement probably had the widest news coverage of any recent NASA statement. The new page examines the claims, along with distortions by the media, and NASA artists themselves. More...

    Kepler 22b: Why it is Almost Certainly NOT Habitable

YouTube video

Paul invented Christianity

Christianity Was Invented by Paul, Not Founded by Jesus of NazarethI have begun producing short YouTube videos of popular pages. The first is the atheist myth that Paul invented Christianity. Feel free to send all your non-reading skeptical friends to our God and Science YouTube channel. More...

    Atheist Myth: Christianity Was Invented by Paul, Not Founded by Jesus of Nazareth

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