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Skeptics Forum

Skeptics ForumIt's that time again. Invite all your skeptical friends to Dr. Hugh Ross's Skeptics Forum, Sunday, October 28 or Monday, October 29. The forum is held in Sierra Madre, California. All questions are fair game...

    Skeptics Forum


Geek (not Greek) theology!

Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek's Guide to ChristianityI am a Geek. Mostly, I am a computer Geek, having been so since the time that personal computers were first invented, several decades ago. I am also a science nerd, since I work full-time in a medical science research lab. Until recently, it was not possible to meld my geekiness with my Christian faith. However, the Time Lords have come to rescue me. Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek's Guide to Christianity is a new book, written by Michael Belote, a self-described Geek who has always wanted to find a way to satisfy his science fiction/engineering Geek side with his Christianity. Belote's book is an examination of Christian theology using an amazing array of clever examples from the worlds of engineering, science, and science fiction. Even if you aren't a Geek, if you know a Geek, this would make a great gift. More...

    Book Review: Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek's Guide to Christianity

Biblical Creation

This month we have a few articles related to biblical creation. In August, I went to a lecture by Answers in Genesis' Terry Mortenson and got very annoyed by many of the inaccurate statements he made about science and the Bible. As a result, I wrote two articles, one on plant death and a second on the methods of science. In addition, we have an amazing article by Rodney Whitefield, which blows the lid off young earth claims about Genesis 1 and the age of the earth. That article should be required reading for all young earth creationists. Enjoy!

Genesis 1 & age of the earth

READING GENESIS ONE: Comparing Biblical Hebrew with English TranslationThis month we have a real treat from guest author Rodney Whitefield. Dr. Whitefield is a physicist by trade, but has also studied biblical Hebrew extensively. Whitefield has done an amazing job analyzing the Hebrew text of Genesis 1 to delineate how the text addresses the question of the age of the earth. In this article, he shows how

If you know a young earth creationist who thinks old earthers are the compromisers, send him here! More...

    Genesis One and the Age of the Earth: What does the Bible say?

No plant death?

It's bad enough when young earth creationists attempt to promote bad science. It's even worse when they claim that the Bible makes such ridiculous claims. Such is the young earth claim that the Bible says plants are not alive nor can they die. In fact, the Bible makes no such claim, but compares the lives and deaths of human beings to the lives and deaths of plants numerous times throughout the Bible. The reality is that the young earth doctrine of no death of any kind before the fall of Adam forces young earth creationists to adopt and defend such a ludicrous idea. More...

    Plants Don't Die According to Young Earth Creationists

Two kinds of science?

Answers in Genesis (AIG) has a problem. They want their followers to believe that all the scientists are wrong about the age of the earth even though the science that produces such data reliably powers all our amazing modern technology. How can modern technology work so well when the science behind it is all wrong? Obviously, if the science were wrong, the technology would not work. In order to attempt to get around this problem, AIG has invented an artificial distinction between what they call "origins science" (or "historical science") and "operational science" (or "experimental science," which AIG mistakenly calls "observational science"). In order to support their failed "science," AIG has invented doctrines that are found nowhere in the Bible, which are, in fact, contradicted by biblical teachings. More...

    Why AIG's Origins Science vs. Operational Science Distinction is Bogus

Sanctity of human life

Abortion or childbirth safer?

Early term abortion tends to have a low mortality rate. Childbirth in developed countries also tends to have a low mortality rate for women, although the abortion industry has claimed it is higher than having an early abortion.1 The problem with the statistics, at least in the United States, has been that abortion statistics are not reported in all states for the sake of "privacy," even though these statistics could easily be anonymized. In reality, the abortion industry does not want statistics reported and has colluded with the legislatures of liberal states to block such reporting. Likewise, death certificates often do not report deaths due to complications of abortion. However, in certain countries, all health-related statistics and mortality statistics are maintained by the government and available for analysis. The statistics from all women born between 1962 and 1993 in Denmark were analyzed to determine the mortality rates of women following childbirth, miscarriage or abortion, finding that abortion was, by far, more likely to result in subsequent death. More...

    Is Abortion or Childbirth Safer for a Woman?

Universe pictures and cards

New Hubble pictures

It has been two years since I updated our Hubble pictures. Several dozen new pictures have been added to the slideshows and online greeting cards. More...

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