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The Los Angeles Chapter of Reasons To Believe is holding its first meeting tonight, as we go through the RTB video series If God Made the Universe. If you live in the Los Angeles area, please stop by for the study and some good Christian fellowship:

Monday, June 3, 2013, 7:00-9:30 p.m.
154 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Sierra Madre, CA 91024

RTB-LA is also hosting the Skeptics Forum on June 23 and 24. More details can be found here.


Cold Case

Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the GospelsCold-Case Christianity, in my opinion, is the most significant book in Christian apologetics over the last three decades. Although a lot of the apologetics information in the book is not unique, the presentation approach is riveting. Author Jim Wallace, a cold-case homicide investigator and former atheist, examines the ultimate "cold-case"—the evidence for the Christian faith. Through a series of examples of criminal court cases and investigative techniques, Wallace builds his case for the reliability of the gospels as a true record of monumental historical and spiritual significance. The book presents the ultimate detective story—who is Jesus Christ. I have given a copy of the book to my atheist friend Al and he is actually reading it (most of the books I have given him have been shelved without having being read). Probably the most significant innovation of Cold-Case Christianity is that it teaches atheists how to investigate the evidence for the reliability of the gospels. More...

    Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels Book Review

Call to Faith

I don't usually review non-apologetics books, but I got a request from author J. Patrick Thomas to review his book, A Call to Faith: Journey of a Cancer SurvivorA Call to Faith: Journey of a Cancer Survivor. The book had good reviews on Amazon, so I agreed. The book is Thomas' personal story of what happens to a nominal Christian when confronted by a diagnosis of Ewing's Sarcoma, which has an average survival rate of less than 50% Thomas, writing in third person about the "fictional" character Malcolm "Skip" Sibley tells his story about the trials and blessings of having cancer in A Call to Faith. Skip was an outgoing Wall Street financier who had "retired" with over a million dollars to raise a family near Charleston, South Carolina. Although they had been married over 20 years (married young), Ashley and Skip had two young children, a girl of 5 and a newborn son. Then the unthinkable happened. More...

    A Call to Faith: Journey of a Cancer Survivor Book Review

Answers for atheists

Christian faith

J. Warner Wallace, author of Cold-Case Christianity tackles the question of what is Christian faith. Sometimes Christians have a mistaken definition of "faith". Because faith is sometimes described as believing in things that cannot be seen, Christians often think of faith as an act of believing in things that have no evidential basis. In essence, some Christians believe that "true faith" is believing in something in spite of the evidence or believing in something when there is no evidence to support the belief in the first place! More...

    The Christian Faith is Based Upon Evidence

Gospel truth

Skeptics often claim that the presence of minor variants that account for approximately ˝% of the text justify their skepticism in much more of the text. To dramatize the ineffectiveness of this claim, I am willing to allow them to remove 50% of the text to illustrate an important point: Even with this much of the text removed (far more than even the most liberal scholar would likely eliminate), the Gospels are reliable and still communicate the essential truths about Jesus' life, ministry, death and resurrection. More...

    The Gospel Truth: The Gospels Are Reliable Even With Many Redactions

Corroborative evidence & the gospels

When jurors evaluate witnesses in criminal cases, they examine evidence in an effort to corroborate the statements offered by these witnesses. Jurors are looking for some limited confirmation of the facts offered on the stand. Imagine, for example, a witness testifies that the robbery suspect approached the bank teller, pointed a gun at her (using his right hand), began to climb up onto the counter (using his left hand), screamed at the teller, and demanded that she give him the money from the cash drawer. Jurors who hear this testimony may want some additional evidence to confirm that the witness statement is accurate. As a result, prosecutors may introduce fingerprint (or shoeprint) evidence from the counter in an effort to corroborate the witness. If the fingerprints on the counter match the fingerprints from the suspect's left hand and the shoeprint matches the suspect's shoe, the statement of the witness would be considered reliable and corroborated by the evidence. More...

    Corroborative Evidence and the Gospels: Can We Expect it to Verify Every Detail?

Biblical creation

Flood Geology

Guest author Professor John C. Munday examines flood geology from the observations of geology and the text of Genesis 2. Geological observations of Mesopotamia show that the area has been buried by 5-6 miles of rock. Recognition of these facts have required young earth creationists to choose between the young earth paradigm of "flood geology" and the clear teachings of Genesis 2. When forced to choose between the Bible and the young earth paradigm, young earth ministries reject biblical teaching in favor of their sacrosanct paradigm. More...

    Flood Geology: Biblical Location of Garden of Eden Contradicts Young Earth Paradigm

Divorce and YEC

Young earth creationists say that Jesus believed the earth was young and cite Mark 10:6 (a teaching about marriage and divorce) as "proof." The verse, cited out of context, seems pretty convincing, "But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female." Since the verse is referring to human beings, it seems to suggest that there couldn't have been millions or billions of years before human males and females came on the scene. Is this really the meaning Jesus intended to convey in His teaching? More...

    Mark 10:6 - Proof the Earth is Young? Was Jesus a Young Earth Creationist?

Ice Age & Bible

Guest author, Kevin Nelstead has written a great response to a recent Answers in Genesis article. The AiG article by Andrew Snelling and Mike Matthews entitled "When Was the Ice Age in Biblical History?" begins with a true statement, "The Bible doesn’t say, 'And then there was an Ice Age.'" If the authors had stopped right there, they would have written a great article. The Bible does not teach us about ice ages any more than it teaches us about genetics or chemistry. But they did continue, and the result is another bad answer from Answers in Genesis. More...

    Critique of "When Was the Ice Age in Biblical History?": The Pleistocene is Not in the Bible

Christian theology

Doubt about God?

J. Warner Wallace writes that as a detective, he's learned to evaluate words carefully when considering the statements of victims, witnesses and suspects. What someone didn't say is often more important than what they actually did say. In fact, he often stops and asks himself, what were some of the options available when this person made this specific statement? What could they have said in this particular circumstance and what does their choice of words tell us about their thoughts or the truth of the situation? As a new investigator of the gospels, Wallace found himself asking the same kinds of questions as he studied God's response to doubt. What does God think about those of us who occasionally doubt, and what would He recommend for those of us who occasionally struggle? There is an important passage of Scripture that provides us with an answer. More...

    Doubt About God? How Jesus Responded to Doubt

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